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Viking Hideout

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Viking Hideout



Items to find in this section:



Japanese Name English Name Amount
3000ギル 3000 gil x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
スパークダガー Spark Dagger x 1
バイキングアクス Viking Axe x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ファイラ Fira x 1
ブリザラ Blizzara x 1
サンダラ Thundara x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Tozas, Viking Base
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Tozas, Viking Base
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Tozas, Viking Base
バシリスク Basilisk World Map around Tozas, Viking Base
バグベアー Bugbear World Map around Tozas, Viking Base
マンドレイク Mandrake World Map around Tozas, Viking Base




Exploring the Viking Hideout:


-- Enter the hideout and move right through the passageway --

-- You will see some vikings hanging out --


Viking (walking near the bed)

We are vikings, the masters of the sea!

Well, we WERE. Since the big earthquake, the sea dragon has appeared.

It's incredibly frightening, so we can't go out on the sea...

Our ship, the Enterprise, is doing fine,

but all our other ships are torn to pieces by that monster...


Viking (sleeping in the bed)

I'm trying to sleep...


Viking (south of table)

Even drinking beer won't do anything!

We are vikings who can't even ride our ships...!


Viking (west of table)

Boss has no idea what to do.

He just can't put up with that sea dragon.


Viking (north of table)

The building on the cape to the north is the Nepto Shrine.

I sure do know the most important things!


-- South of the table is a hidden passage where you can find a chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Spark Dagger --

-- Go into the door north of the table to enter the Inn area --

-- A black mage stands at the north of the room --


-- Magic Shop --



-- Down at the counter, the left most person sells you items --


-- Item Shop --



-- The right most person is the Innkeeper --



Welcome! That'll be 40 gil a night.


-- Leave this room and go up the stairs to your left in the previous room --

-- Many vikings are wandering about here, as well --

-- First, go all the way left into a secret passage --

-- You will see some stairs leading down into another room; proceed down them --

-- Two chests will be here waiting for you --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (north) = Viking Axe --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (south) = 3000 gil --

-- A Resurrection Spring is over to the right here --

-- Speak to the Viking --


Viking (walking around by the Resurrection Spring)

The shrine on the cape is where the Nepto Dragon usually lays sleeping.

However, the big earthquake apparantly woke it up.

Now the dragon has lost its mind and is rampaging the seas.


-- Continue back up to the previous room and speak to the viking here --


Viking (walking around in the secret passageway)

I... I'm not hiding or anything...!

I'm just waiting for the Boss, that's all.


-- Head to the right, past the stairs that lead to the first room --

-- After passing the stairs, hold down to find another secret passageway (just south of the moogle) --

-- You will find three chests in the room you find yourself in --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (right) = Thundara --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (middle) = Fira --

-- Treasure Chest 3 (left) = Blizzara --

-- Head out of the passage and continue right to see a cannon --

-- Touching the cannon shoots out a cannonball that falls into the water --

-- Talk to the vikings here --


Viking (near the cannon)

Boss is over there. Don't you be rude now!


Viking (north of the cannon)

The Enterprise is still intact but no one dares ride on it.

T'would suck if you died by the sea dragon.


-- Go south into the room with the Boss --

-- First, speak with the southern viking --


Viking (wandering in the Boss' room)

It would be wise if you didn't ride any ships!

Even going towards the cape will make the sea dragon attack.

I mean, the Nepto Shrine IS protected by the Nepto Dragon...




Speaking with the Boss:


Viking Boss

I am the Boss of the Vikings.

Since the big earthquake, the sea dragon appeared and we've been in quite a predicament.

If you can do something about it, we'll give you the best ship we have, the Enterprise!



You better mean that!


Viking Boss

Of course, but only if you can do something.

Please try and be careful...


-- Speak to the Boss again --


Viking Boss

Please do something about the rampaging sea dragon.

If you can do something, we'll give you the Enterprise.

Don't sacrifice yourselves, though...


-- After speaking with the Boss, go north and head out of the hideout --

-- You will end up on the World Map --

-- You can get on the ship and sail around in the little enclosed lake --

-- If you go to far north, you will be attacked by the Nepto Dragon --

-- You cannot win this battle --

-- He attacks twice per round and will kill you in one hit --

-- I recommend trying it out and having your party run away on the first turn --

-- After healing up and whatnot, head to the north to find the Nepto Shrine --

-- Head inside to begin the next dungeon --


Previous: Tozas -- Next: Nepto Shrine


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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