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Sealing Cave

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Sealing Cave



Items to find in this section:




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ポーション Potion x 1
めぐすり Eye Drops x 1
なんきょくのかぜ Antarctic Wind x 1
500 ギル 500 Gil x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ケアル 'Cure' White Magic x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
マミー Mummy Sealing Cave - upper floors
スケルトン Skeleton Sealing Cave - upper floors
のろいのどうか Cursed Coin Sealing Cave - upper floors
ラルウアイ Eye Tornado Sealing Cave - lower floors
シャドウ Shadow Sealing Cave - lower floors
レブナント Revenant Sealing Cave - lower floors



Exploring the Sealing Cave (Part 1):


-- Enter the Sealing Cave --

-- Head south and pass the pathway on the right --

-- You will find a dead end and a chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Potion --

-- Head back up and take the pathway on the right you passed earlier --

-- You will come to a large room --

-- First, head north into another, smaller room to find another chest --

-- Treasure Chest = 'Cure' White Magic --

-- Head back down into the big room and take the lower-right path --

-- Follow the path until you come to some stairs --

-- Head down to the next level --


-- This room appears to be a big room with only a chest as its contents --

-- Treasure Chest = 500 Gil --

-- Remember what the King told you? --

-- Search the skull on the upper-right to reveal a hidden wall to your right --

-- Proceed through this path until a scene starts --




Speaking to Princess Sara:


-- You spot a beatiful girl, presumably Princess Sara --

-- Everyone runs forward to talk --



Ingus! You're safe!



Princess! Leave the rest to us.

Please return to the castle!



Wait, before you go, please lend us the Mythril Ring!



No, let me go with you!

I really want to help everyone so I came here to seal Jinn!



What a troublesome princess... What shall we do...?



Well, Ingus can always protect her, right?



...Of course.



Thanks everyone! Nice to meet you all!


Princess Sara joined the party!



Oh, that's right.

When you want to talk to me, press the 'Y' button.

Don't forget! Alright, let's go!




Exploring the Sealing Cave (Part 2):


-- You can press the 'Y' button to have some conversations with Sara --



-- Sara is seen with Luneth and Refia --



Hi, I'm Sara. Who're you?



Hey~! I'm Luneth!


-- Refia looks angrily at Luneth --



It's nice to meet you, Luneth!




-- Sara is seen with Arc --



Jinn is a flame genie so that means he must be weak to the cold...



That means with magic, use 'Blizzard'.

With items, use Antarctic Wind.

That should be effective...




-- Sara is seen with Ingus --



I came all this way by myself, but it was really scary...

Thank you Ingus...



No... I was by myself earlier as well,

and I couldn't do anything.




-- Sara appears alone --



Oh, let me explain the difference between 'Save' and 'Quick Save'.

'Save' allows you to save your adventure and you can continue your game anytime.

However, you can only save on the World Map.

You can 'Quick Save' in the middle of dungeons and towns, though.

Unfortunately, when you load the 'Quick Save',

it automatically is deleted. So be careful.


-- Now let's continue on our way in the Sealing Cave --


-- A note on Sara: Sara joins your party, but not as a normal character. --

-- She sometimes (for me, about 30%) jumps in and does one of two actions in battle. --

-- First, she can cast 'Aero' on the enemy party and do some hefty damage. --

-- Second, she can cast 'Cure' on the party to heal minor damage. --


-- After the scene with Sara, you find yourself in a another big-sized room --

-- Head to the lower-right corner to find the stairs to the next level --


-- After arriving on the next level, head down and to the left to reach an intersection --

-- First, let's head down --

-- Follow the passageway until you come to a chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Antarctic Wind --

-- Head back up the passageway to the intersection and keep going north --

-- The path curves around to the left and back south --

-- In this room, head south to find another chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Eye Drops --

-- Go north a bit from the chest to find a passageway to your left --

-- Continue all the way through this passageway until you enter a room and see Jinn --

-- When you approach Jinn, a scene starts --




Speaking with Jinn:



There he is! Jinn! Prepare yourself!

I'm going to seal you with this Mythril Ring!!


-- She holds up the ring, rays of light eminate from it, and nothing happens --



Huh? What's going on?

Nothing happened!



Hahahahaha! -- crosses arms --

Now that the power of darkness has returned,

that thing is useless against me!


-- BOSS BATTLE: Jinn --

-- After defeating Jinn, he cowers before the party --



Alright! NOW prepare yourself!


-- She holds up the ring, rays of light eminate from it, and Jinn is sealed --





-- Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus start fading away --



Hey!? Something's going on...



Princess! Don't worry about us!

Hurry and return to the castle!



What's wrong everyone!?

Ingus! Don't disappear!


-- Sara dives to save Ingus, but he fades away at the last second --




Speaking to the Crystal:


-- Everyone appears inside a familiar room --



What just happened...!?


-- The camera pans around the room --



Hey... This place...

This is where the Crystal is!



I have summoned you all here...


-- Everyone proceeds up the stairs to talk to the Crystal --



You are the chosen Warriors of Light who bring hope.

Take the remaining light from me...

And with it, the last remaining hope.

If this light is left here, it will disappear

and the balance of everything will be broken.

If you accept this light, you will be able to draw out an even greater power...


-- Screen flashes --

-- The opening credits play --

-- Screen flashes again --


-- The four have accepted the light of the Crystal! --



Now, use the Magic Circle behind me to leave this cave.

Your journey begins now, Warriors of Light!


-- Go behind the Crystal to use the Magic Circle --

-- Or, for whatever reason, you want to explore this cave again, go right ahead --




Tutorial about Jobs:


-- A moogle comes out and explains to you a little about the Job system --




You are now able to change your job, kupo!

Congratulations, kupo!

If you change your job, you're able to use that job's special ability, kupo!

However, even if you change,

you won't be able to use the job's full potential from the start, kupo.

By fighting many times, you will be able to become accustomed to the job

and its true power will be unleashed, kupo!

Well, good luck on your adventure, kupo!


-- The moogle exits, stage left --

-- You appear on the World Map, just like the beginning of the game --

-- You also now have access to the first six jobs in the game: --

-- These jobs are Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, and Thief --


Previous: Sassoon Castle -- Next: Return to Sassoon Castle


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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