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Sassoon Castle

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Sassoon Castle



Items to find in this section:




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ポーション Potion x 1
フェニックスのお Phoenix Down x 1
1000 ギル 1000 Gil x 2




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ブロンズナックル Bronze Knuckle x 1
ゆみ Bow x 1
きのや Wooden Arrows x 60
せいなるや Holy Arrows x 40
ワイトスレイヤ Wight Slayer x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
かわのたて Leather Shield x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ブリザド 'Blizzard' Black Magic x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
ゴブリン Goblin Ur Monster Path, World Map around Ur
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
レッドウィスプ Red Wisp Sassoon Castle's Left Tower
ダークアイ Dark Eye Sassoon Castle's Left Tower
ゾンビ Zombie Sassoon Castle's Left Tower
グリフォン Gryphon Sassoon Castle's Left Tower - Top Floor - Treasure Chest




Speaking to the Guard:


-- Walk into Sassoon Castle and talk with the guard in front of the gate --



The people here in the castle have been cursed by Jinn's spell.

If we had the Mythril Ring, we could dissolve the spell, but Kazus is in the same condition as we are...

I was away when this happened. I want to help, but what in the world can I do...



I'm the daughter of the blacksmith in Kazus.

I'm sure the King has the ring my father made!



We came here to borrow the ring from the King.

Please, allow us to meet with him!


-- The guard thinks for a bit --



Hmm, okay. I'll grant you an audience with the King.

Come, I'll will be waiting in the throne room.




Before talking to the King:


-- You can explore around the castle now that you are able to enter it --

-- Upon entering the gate the guard was ... uhh ... guarding, you should see a door to the main area of the castle --

-- Around back of this area, are two towers --

-- You can go there now if you want, but I'll wait until you get your next party member (which is soon) --

-- So, head through the door to the main area --

-- You should see some ghosts walking around --


Ghost (on the bottom-right)

Is there any way to undo the curse that Jinn has put upon us...?


Ghost (on the bottom-left)

I'm worried about the King and Princess Sara,

but with this body, I can't do anything...


Ghost (on the top)


What will happen to this country...


-- Go left to see a bed and another ghost --


Ghost (south of the bed)

If I didn't have this stupid body,

I'd try and kill Jinn...


-- If you examine the bed, it says: --



Would you like to sleep?

  • Yes
  • No


-- After sleeping, Luneth says: --



Ahhh. I slept well...


-- Continue on up the stairs here --

-- On the next floor, you can go through the wall on the left to find a hidden chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Phoenix Down --

-- You can also slip through the wall on the right, as well --

-- In this new room, first go downstairs --

-- There are two chests here --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (left) = 1000 Gil

-- Treasure Chest 2 (right) = 1000 Gil

-- You can head on downstairs again from here, but nothing is in the room there --

-- Head on back upstairs two floors --

-- Follow the hallway to the left and you'll find two more chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (right) = Leather Shield

-- Treasure Chest 2 (left) = 'Blizzard' Black Magic spell

-- Go through the wall near the last Treasure Chest here and follow it up and to the right --

-- You will end up in another secret room with a chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Bronze Knuckle

-- After getting this chest, head on back downstairs and through the wall on your left --

-- Go upstairs twice to reach the King's throne room --

-- There are two ghosts here, as well --


Ghost (on the left)

The 'Wight Slayer' is in the castle's right tower.

It's a holy sword, so it is effective against the Undead.


Ghost (on the right)

The monsters residing in Sealing Cave are

Undead that have command of dark power.

Why don't you damage them with the power of 'Cure'?




Speaking to the King:


-- Go up towards the King and a scene will start --

-- The guard from before is kneeling in front of the King --


King of Sassoon

Jinn's curse has changed everyone into this figure...


-- The guard stands up --



Your Majesty, these people are here to undo the curse.

They need your Mythril Ring, however...


King of Sassoon

Ohh, I understand. You can use the power of the Mythril Ring to seal Jinn...

Unfortunately, Sara has the ring, and I don't know where she's gone...



What? Princess Sara is...!

Has Jinn kidnapped her!?


King of Sassoon

Ohh, Sara...

Jinn is supposed to be in the Sealing Cave north of here but...



I got it. The Sealing Cave north of here.

We'll go there at once!


-- The guard kneels again --



Your Majesty!

In order to save Princess Sara, allow me to accompany them!


-- Go to the Naming Screen --


イングズ - Ingus


A soldier who swears allegiance to the King of Sassoon.

Because he was absent from the castle, he did not incur Jinn's curse.

He is very worried about the missing princess, Sara.


King of Sassoon

Very well Ingus!

Would this be okay with you three?



Of course! These two aren't exactly very reliable!




But anyway, it is encouraging having a soldier from the castle join us...


Ingus joined the party!



A passage lies hidden in the Sealing Cave.

I'm pretty sure a skeleton is the key.

Ingus, and young ones, seal Jinn and save us all!




After speaking with the King:


-- Talking to the King again gets you his last response --

-- Let's leave the main area of the castle and explore those two towers in the back --

-- First, let's go the right tower --

-- Before entering, you should see a new ghost walking around in front of the tower's entrance --



The highest point of the right tower is Princess Sara's room.

I don't know when she will return, so I clean her room all the time.

Ingus, I don't mind if you go into her room.


-- Enter the tower and go up two floors to find two chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (left) = Holy Arrows x 20 --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (right) = Wooden Arrows x 20 --

-- Go up one more floor to Sara's room --

-- There is another ghost here, as well --



Princess Sara cares for you, Ingus, as long as she is alive.


-- You can sleep here in her bed (heh) as well --

-- Three chests are also here --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (upper) = Potion --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (middle) = Wooden Arrows x 20 --

-- Treasure Chest 3 (lower) = Bow --

-- After grabbing the loot, leave this tower and head for the left tower --

-- Be careful, as there are monsters in here (good place to raise some levels, though) --

-- Head up two floors to two chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (left) = Holy Arrows x 20 --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (right) = Wooden Arrows x 20 --

-- Go up one more floor to one last chest --

-- Before opening it, make sure you are healed --

-- Treasure Chest = Wight Slayer and a monster attack! --

-- You have to fight a Gryphon when you open this chest, so be careful --

-- After grabbing all the chests in this tower, you are finished with Sassoon Castle now --

-- Go outside to the World Map, and get ready for the Sealing Cave! --


Previous: Cid's Airship -- Next: Sealing Cave


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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