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Return to Sassoon Castle

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Return to Sassoon Castle



Items to find in this section:




Japanese Name English Name Amount
おりたたみカヌー Folding Canoe x 1 (Key Item)



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
ゴブリン Goblin Ur Monster Path, World Map around Ur
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
レッドウィスプ Red Wisp Sassoon Castle's Left Tower
ダークアイ Dark Eye Sassoon Castle's Left Tower
ゾンビ Zombie Sassoon Castle's Left Tower




Checking out Ur:


-- After leaving the Altar Cave, let's go to Ur and see if anything has changed --

-- The first thing you'll notice is the Moogle standing next to the Magic Shop --

-- Check out the Mognet Menu for more information --

-- Also, go up to the second floor of the Inn --

-- The old man here will comment on what job you currently have --


Old man in blue robe / South of bed

I'll explain about the job you have currently.


The Warrior is adept at using weapons.

If you use 'Assail', you will deal out greater damage,

but will take greater damage in return.


The Monk can definitely brag about his strength!

Using 'Counter', the Monk can defend and counter

attacks aimed at him.

White Mage:

The White Mage can use White Magic.

He doesn't have a lot of strength,

but can't be compared when it comes to having high Spirit.

Black Mage:

The Black Mage can use Black Magic.

His strength is moderately high, so at least that's something.

Red Mage:

The Red Mage can use both White and Black Magic.

However, he can't use very high level magic,

so think when you attack.


The Thief's speed is his specialty!

He can 'Steal' treasure from his enemies and unlock doors requiring a key.

Using 'Flee' causes your party to run away

while taking less damage from attacking monsters.


-- After checking out Ur, you should head on over to Sassoon Castle --

-- Kazus hasn't changed since the last time you were there --



Undoing the Curse:


-- After going to the castle, a scene starts at the gate --



Everyone! You're safe!




Princess Sara...

...I'm glad you're safe, too.



If we purify this ring in the Holy Spring,

the curse should be lifted...

The Holy Spring is in the basement of the castle.

Hurry! Let's go!


-- Everyone nods and heads into the castle --

-- Everyone enters the Holy Spring --

-- Sara throws the Mythril Ring into the spring --



Well, that should've done it.

Let's go see my father!


-- Everyone heads to the throne room --


King of Sassoon

Thank you, young ones!

Thanks to you, everyone has been saved!



Well then...

We, the Warriors of Light, have to set off now.


King of Sassoon

Warriors of Light?! Ingus...

Will you be going too...?


Ingus -- with his head bowed --



King of Sassoon

Hmm... I understand. If you all work together,

you can stand up to any difficulties.



Alright! We shall return!


King of Sassoon

Wait! Here, you should take this.

It may be of some use.


-- A guard gives Luneth an item --

-- You received the Folding Canoe from the King! --




Exploring the Castle:


-- Talk to the King again --


King of Sassoon

Warriors of Light! Return safely!


Guard (next to the King on the left)

After being healed from the curse after Jinn was sealed,

I've been thinking that there's some connection

between him and the big earthquake...


Guard (next to the King on the right)

A flying boat... Is it true...?

A man named Cid... What kind of man is he...?


Guard (on the left in front)

The 'Wight Slayer' is in the castle's right tower.

It's a holy sword, so it is effective against the Undead.


Guard (on the right in front)

Thank you, Warriors of Light!

I've returned to my old self!


-- Go down three floors to talk with more guards --


Guard (on the left)

The Mythril Ring was made by a father and his daughter in Kazus.

Maybe I should get an assistant...


Guard (on the right)

Apparantly, Jinn was sealed by four warriors more than 1000 years ago.

This is the legend I was told.


-- Go outside and speak to the guards around the castle --


Guard (walking around in front of the entrance)

Thank you, Warriors of Light!

You have helped us tremendously!


Guard (standing left of the entrance)

Ingus, the King, after seeing you off,

has been worried sick.


Guard (standing even more left of the entrance)

Ingus, when you were young,

nobody could best you during training...


Woman (walking around south of the Right Tower)

The top of the Right Tower is Princess Sara's room.

Se returned here crying...

When I try to talk to her, she doesn't say a word.

But if you tried talking to her, Ingus...

Would you mind?


Guard (standing even more right of the entrance)

A Red Mage can use swords and two types of magic.

It's the job all Sassoon soldiers aspire to be.


Guard (stading right of the entrance)

Ingus! We'll protect Princess Sara

so be at ease and continue on your journey.


-- Enter the Right Tower and proceed up to the top floor --

-- Talk to the old man here next to Sara --


Old Man (next to Sara)

Sara keeps talking about you...


-- Speak to Sara to see a scene --



Allow me to say goodbye before departing on my journey.


-- Sara turns around and bows her head --



If you have to go,

go quickly and quietly without me knowing.

Your coming here just makes me cry...


-- Sara turns back around and faces Ingus --



I have to stay by my father's side.

I would really like to be by your's,

but I would just be a burden...



Princess Sara...


-- If you talk to Sara again, she repeats the last thing she said --

-- After speaking with Sara, the woman near the tower changes what she says --


Woman (walking around south of the Right Tower)

Ingus. Thank you very much.

Please leave the Princess to me.




Saying goodbye:


-- As you leave through the gate of Sassoon Castle: --





-- Camera pans to show Princess Sara --



Ah! Princess Sara!


Sara -- while waving --

Be healthy!

Come back when you are finished with your travels!


-- Luneth, Refia, and Arc wave back --



Princess Sara!

I will definitely return!!


-- Luneth, Refia, and Arc leave the castle, with Ingus running after them --






-- Heading back to Ur now will give you another changed message from Topapa --



Kazus has gotten better, I heard!

You are able to continue your journey.


-- And that's that. Head on over to Kazus to continue the game --


Previous: Sealing Cave -- Next: Return to Kazus


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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