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Return to Kazus

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Return to Kazus



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
ゴブリン Goblin World Map around Ur
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle




Speaking to Taka:


-- Walk into Kazus and a scene will start --

-- A man is pacing around at the entrance to the village --






Refia! You're safe!

Thank... Thank goodness!!



Stop it... stop crying.

Everyone's looking at us...!



I was so worried about you...

Let's go home! Come on! -- Taka leaves --



Wa... Wait, father...!




Exploring Kazus:


Man in brown vest (south of the Healing Spring building)

Good, good...

Now I will be really busy with the Mythril Mine!


Child with orange hair (next to the Inn)

Do you know the Parlmeni Mountain Range to the west?

The Nerve Valley connects the inside and outside of the range.

They say a boulder is blocking the way 'cause of the earthquake.

With it like that, there is no way to get to Canaan.

My grandma lives there...

Isn't there something anybody can do...


Woman with blonde hair (next to the Blacksmith's)

Thanks to the curse being lifted, the village has regained its original fervor.

The stores and shops have opened again!


-- Enter the Magic Shop --


Black Mage

Forging Mythril creates special power in weapons and armor.



-- Enter the Weapon Shop --



Now I can sell my goods. Thank you!



-- Enter the Armor Shop --



Thanks! It felt so bad having

my heart and body being a ghost.



-- Enter Taka the Blacksmith's house --



What do you kids want? I'm busy.



I'm sorry...

I really want to continue traveling with you...

But my father...


-- Enter the Inn --


Man (right of the entrance)



Man with red hair (southern table)

Do you know about the Mythril Mine in this town?

If you go to the very back of the mine,

there is a hidden entrance.

Near the back end of the back wall...

I'm so scared, I can't go...


Man in blue vest (western table)

Hey, look at this!

No more ghost, and I'm feelin' good!


-- Inn, 2nd floor --


Woman with blonde hair

Thanks to you, I'm back to my beautiful self!





Speaking to Cid:


-- Go back to the first floor of the Inn --

-- Talk to the old man north of the southern table --



You did it!

I reckon I could trust you.

You are probably the ones

who could use my airship the most.

Anyway, could you take me to Canaan

where my old lady is waiting for me?



Cid joined the party!


-- You can press the 'Y' button here as well to talk to Cid --



-- Cid is seen with Luneth --



I'm Cid, the man who made the airship! I'm famous!

My old lady is waiting for me in Canaan.

But a giant boulder is blocking the way in Nerve Valley.

If we don't do something...




-- Cid is seen with Luneth, Arc, and Ingus --



Eh? Wasn't Refia with you guys?



She was a little while ago...

But her old man took her away...



Oh, okay. She came back safely.

That's good to hear.



No it isn't!

We have to go on our journey together!




-- Cid is seen by himself --



If we had a Mythril stem put onto the airship,

we could probably charge the boulders and smash them!

If we ask Taka the blacksmith...




Speaking to Taka (again):


-- Enter Taka the blacksmith's house --



Hey, Cid!

You're back to your old self, I see!



I've been thinking about smashing the boulders that

block the way in Nerve Valley to return to Canaan...

Could you install a Mythril stem on the airship?


Taka -- while thinking --

I see... Okay! Wait right there!

I'll install it right now!! -- walks away --

Refia, you need to help me!


-- Refia hangs her head and reluctantly follows --

-- Sounds of metal clanging and random blacksmithery --


Taka -- coming back into the shop --

And that's that!

I left the airship near town.



You always get your jobs done quickly!

Okay, let's charge into those boulders!


-- Speak to Taka again --


Taka (#2)

I'm busy, I'm busy...


-- Push 'Y' to talk to Cid again. He only has one response. --


Cid -- by himself --

Now that we have the Mythril stem on the airship,

it has become a lot stronger now! -- punches the air --

Let's ram those rocks!!


-- Proceed out of the village and to the airship --


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Credits: xcomp, Josh

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