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Part 0

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A boy falls down a hole.






Ow... I didn’t expect a hole to be there.




l Feel free to name the character. Select 英数 to use English characters. Press start when finished.




Walking off, some Goblin attacks.




l Kill off the 3 Goblins to continue.






What were those monsters!




Looks like I’ve gotten myself into some dangerous place.




l Make your way north, collecting the two chests. Luneth will notice something odd about the boulder. Inspect it to open up a new path. Follow the path into the next area, collecting the chests and you’ll find a spring to the NE where you can replenish your HP/MP. Before going into the next area to fight a giant turtle, equip the long sword so that you’re equipped with dual weapons for more damage. Or you can equip the shield for some extra defence.




Boss Fight




l Start off by going into items and find the Antarctic Wind (なんきょくのかぜ) item and use that to cast blizzard. Finish it off with a few blows and use potions if you need to.






You have been chosen.






Wh- Who is it?! Who’s there?






Visitor from the Dark Land, you are the chosen one that brings hope to us.




Luneth walks up to a crystal.






Is this crystal… talking?






The world is being engulfed by darkness.




At this rate, Light will be lost and all balance will be broken…






Wha- What are you talking about…






You have friends who have the same destiny as you. You must go meet them first.




Once you have, I will pass on my remaining last Light, the revelation of hope to you all.




Now go, begin your journey…!






Woah, wa- wait! I’ve still got more things to ask you!




Luneth is teleported outside of the cave.







This place is- !




What was all that about… Something about Light, Darkness and hope…




l Head on south into the village of Ur. If you speak to the man to the left, he’ll say the village chief Topapa is looking for Luneth. Go inside the house and speak to him.






Ah, Luneth you’re here. I never expected you to be chosen…




But I know that it was no coincidence.




The crystal chose you by its own will.






This is all too sudden. I don’t know what all this Light and Darkness means!






Long ago, a traveller brought a young child to me…




The traveller’s face was charred and clothes were burned. That was who brought you here.




Now that I think about it, your fate as one of the crystal’s chosen ones must have been decided then…




Come… You must not waste that light in your heart and set off at once!




l Speak to him again to learn you must go to Kazus. Leave the house and go to the NE corner to find 3 boy surrounding another boy.




Boy A:


Why do you keep saying there’s no such thing as ghosts! If you think I’m lying then go see for yourself!




Boy B:


Heh… He’s too scared to. He’s a cry baby!




l Name Arc the same way you did with Luneth.






Hey, Arc. What’s going on?!




Boy A:


Oh no… It’s Luneth… Lets scat!




The boys run off.









Arc runs off too.






Hey wait, Arc! You don’t have to keep quiet about it, you know.




Further in the village.






I’m not a cry baby… I know I can’t stay this way forever…




I’m not going to ask Luneth for help… I’ll make everyone think better of me!




l Now go inside the house in the north. There will be some chests and an old man who tells you about secret areas when zooming up close with the camera. Once you’ve done that, return to where the chief’s house is and speak to the old man outside. Give him a potion and he’ll reward you with a Phoenix Down. Next go buy yourself some gear from the shops and get the Antidote from the magic shop. Once you’re ready, exit Ur and head south to Kazus where there are reports of a ghost.








Luneth finds Arc and pokes him.












Calm down, Arc. It’s only me, Luneth!




It’s great that you want to test your courage but, what are you going to do from here?






Luneth, let me go with you on your journey.




I want everyone to think better of me! I came this far by myself… Don’t worry, I won’t be a burden for you!










l Travel around to find that the villagers have been cursed by Jin. Go inside the Inn to learn that mithril is needed to seal Jin and some can be collected from the mines near the village. Also speak to Cid at the inn.






I’m Cid. I came here from Canaan but now I can’t get back because the Herbe Valley’s been blocked off…




I then decided to stay here at the inn but then this happened to me!






Luneth! Can’t we do something to help the villagers here?






I know, if you can help me somehow, I’ll lend you two my airship.




With a mithril bracelet, the curse in this village can be undone but, it looks like there’s none here…




To make a new one, we’ll need Taka’s help from the blacksmith but he’s been turned into a “ghost” too and his apprentice daughter’s gone missing…




My airship’s hidden in the desert west of here. Please! Do something!




l Continue asking the people in the inn to learn that Jin was sealed inside the mountains until an earthquake freed him. DO NOT go into the mines in the north of the village. The monsters will be too strong. Instead, exit the village and go west. You’ll automatically be transferred into Cid’s airship.










Kyaaa! …Who are you people…?!






We should be asking you that! Cid lent this airship to us!




l Name Refia if you like.






I’m Refia. I’m a blacksmith from Kazus and made several parts of this airship!






You’re the blacksmith’s daughter?! Then you have to help us make some mithril bracelets!






We need them to undo the curse on the villagers!










I’m sorry. I haven’t been training very hard so I can’t…






If Cid hears that, he will be really disappointed. This isn’t the time to be lazying off you know!






I know!




Long ago, father made bracelet for the King of Sassoon.




Hey, bring me along with you guys. I can’t make a mithril bracelet but… I want to help the people of Kazus!






Let her come with us, Luneth!






Well, aren’t you lucky that you didn’t get cursed because you were lazying off.






Stop it already...!




l Inspect the wheel and fly the ship to the castle to the NW. Land and go to find Ingus.






The people of the castle have been changed into something because of Jin’s curse.




If we had a mithril bracelet, we would be able to undo the curse but, we don’t just like Kazus…




I was away when this all happened so nothing happened to me but, what on earth should I do now…






I’m the daughter of the blacksmith in Kazus. I’m sure the king has the bracelet my father made!






We came here to borrow the mithril bracelet from the king. Please let us see him!






I see…I’ll allow you to see him. Let me go and let him know first.




l Go into the castle and collect the chests as you make your way up to meet King Sassoon. You will find a total of 2000g.




King Sassoon:


I’ve been changed into this form because of Jin’s curse…






Your Highness, these people say that they need your mithril bracelet to undo the curse…




King Sassoon:


I see. So you need the mithril bracelet to seal Jin…




But my daughter Saraas it and she’s nowhere to be seen…






Princess Sara is gone? Has Jin kidnapped her?!




King Sassoon:


Oh Sara… I’m sure Jin will be in the Cave of the Seal in the north of here but…






I understand. So he’s in the Cave of the Seal north of here. We’ll go there and see at once!






Your Highness! Please allow me to join these people and save Princess Sara…!




l Name Ingus.




King Sassoon:


Very well, Ingus! Will you young people let him join you?






Of course! These two aren’t exactly very reliable..!






What?! Well, I guess it’ll be more reassuring with a soldier from the palace with us…




King Sassoon:


There is a hidden passage in the Cave of the Seal. A skull is the key.




Please, Ingus and brave young ones. Seal Jin and save us all!




l Leave the castle and fly back to cave to the north of Ur. Go inside to find some chests with some weapons then return to Ur to get some potions and anything else you need. Return to the castle and explore the two towers in the courtyard to the north. Start with the eastern one for some items then the west one. Prepare for a mini boss fight at the top of tower when you open the chest to obtain the White Slayer sword. You might want to spend some time levelling up here before heading to the Cave of the Seal.




Cave of the Seal




l Enter the cave to the NE of the castle then make your way down the stairs into the next area. If you zoom in on the skull to the NE you’ll see it sparkling. Inspect it to open up a passageway.






Ingus! You’re safe!!






Princess! Leave the rest to me. Please go back to the castle!






Lend us the mithril bracelet before you go back!






No, let me go with you!




I want to help everyone too and that’s why I came here to seal Jin!






What a troublesome Princess… What shall we do…?






It shouldn’t trouble us if Ingus protects her.






…Of course.






Thank you, everyone! Nice to meet you all!




Oh, when you want to talk to me, just use the Y button.




Don’t forget that now. Lets hurry!




l Continue through the cave to find Jin and make sure you equip Blizzard ブリザド before fighting him. Blizzard is found in one of the chests along the way.






There you are…! Jin, prepare yourself! I’m going to seal you with this mithril bracelet!!




Uses the bracelet but nothing happens.




How? Nothing happened!!










Now that the power of Darkness has returned, that thing is useless against me!




Boss Fight Jin




Apart from a single physical attack, Jin also casts Fiara that hits all party members. He is weak against ice.






Now! This time it will work!




Uses the bracelet.










Jin is sealed but everyone apart from Sara becomes transparent for some reason.






Huh?! Something’s odd.






Princess! Forget us and go back to the castle please!






What’s happening to you all?!




Ingus! Don’t disappear!!




Sara dives towards Ingus but everyone disappears and ends up where the crystal is.






What just happened…?!






Hey… This is where the crystal was!






I summoned you all here…




You are the chosen Warriors of Light who brings hope.




Take the remaining light from me… And take away the last hope there is.




If it is left here, this last bit of light too will disappear and the balance will be broken.




If you accept this light, you will be able to draw out a greater power from the other crystals…




And so the credits play and the 4 chosen heroes are to begin their journey, taking the light of hope from the crystal.






Now use the magic circle inside to get out. Go forth on your journey, Warriors of Light!




l A Kupo will now appear letting you know that you can now job change. When you first change to a job, they’re not very powerful but, as you gain more job experience points during each battle, the characters become better at their job making them stronger. Jobs available for now are warrior (せんし), monk (モンク), white mage (しろまどうし), black mage (くろまどうし) and thief (シーフ). Now take the warp outside and go back to the castle.










You’re safe, Ingus and everyone!






Princess Sara… I’m glad that you’re safe.






Now we have to purify the bracelet in the spring and that should undo the curse…




The spring is underground. Lets hurry!




Sara and the party goes inside the castle and throws the bracelet into the spring.






The curse should be undone now. Lets go to where my father is!




They all go to the throne room.




King Sassoon:


Thank you, young ones! Everyone has been saved thanks to you all.






Well then… We, as the Warriors of Light have to set off now.




King Sassoon:


Warriors of Light?! Ingus. Are you going too…?






Yes, your Highness…




King Sassoon:


I see… I understand. With you all working together, you should be able to overcome all hardships.






Thank you, your Highness. I shall depart!




King Sassoon:


Oh yes! Take this with you. It may be of some use.




A knight hands the party a fold up canoe.




l Leave the castle.




Castle Courtyard












Hey, it’s Princess Sara!






Take care! Be sure to come back once your journey is over!






Princess Sara! I will be back!!




Go collect your airship from the north and fly back to Kazus where Refia’s father will be waiting.
















Refia! You’re safe! Thank goodness… Thank goodness!!






Stop it… Don’t cry. Everyone’s looking at us..!






I was so worried about you… Come, lets go home!






Wa- Wait, father..!




l Go check on Refia in the blacksmith. She can’t join you because of her father. Go to the inn to meet Cid.






Well done! I knew I wouldn’t be wrong about you people.




You people should be the best ones to make use of the airship.




But anyway, could you take me to where my old lady is waiting for me in Canaan? Please!




l Now go back to the blacksmith






Oh, it’s Cid! I’m glad you’re back to yourself again too!






I was thinking about destroying the rocks at Herbe so that I can go back to Canaan…




Could you attach a mithril stern to the airship?






I see… Alright! Wait right there! I’ll have it done right now!!




Refia, could you help me too!




A moment later.






It’s done! I’ve left the airship nearby town.






You get your jobs done as fast as always!




Alright! We’re crashing into the rocks with the airship!!




l Buy yourself some spells, gear and items then head out of the town to the airship.










You’re all late!






Refia?! What are you doing here… Are you sure it’s going to be OK?






Keeping my promise with the crystal is more important! And I don’t want to start working as a blacksmith like this!




He raised me as an orphan but, this and that is a different matter…






What?! You’re an orphan too?






What?! …You mean you are one too?






Me too!






Hey wait! I’m an orphan too…






So the crystal gathered us 4 orphans together.






Hoho… Looks like you have a touch journey ahead of you. Now then, lets crash into those rocks with this airship!




l So crash into the rocks to the west.










l Press Y to speak to Cid.






Oww… Maybe we over did that a little… You young ones have quite the guts.






That felt odd. It felt like I’ve been through that before.






You couldn’t have. It’s the first time we been on an airship!




l Head on south into Canaan.






Thank you. If there’s anything I can do for you, please ask…




I know! I’ll make another airship for you all. It may be of some use.




Go see King Argus! The King knows the secret to the airships.




Thanks a lot. Feel free to visit anytime!




l Go into the house next to the inn and speak to the girl for an event. A mage named Desch left the town because he said he had something to do, leaving a girl in sorrow behind.






*Sniff*… Oh, Desch. Is it really that important?




He left me behind and set off alone to the eastern mountains where a dragon lives. I’m in so much pain it feels like I’m going to disappear..






What shall we do? Shall we go to the dragon’s mountain and check?






Yes, lets do that!




l If you go visit Cid in the house to the NW corner you’ll find his wife is ill and needs an elixir to help her. Go to the north of the town, up some steps and you’ll find a way down into the river. Follow it to go collect the elixir (エリクサー) from a chest and give it to Cid’s wife. They will thank you and Cid will tell you to press the lamp. Press it to reveal a passageway to an old airship shed for some items. Now leave the town and level a bit if you have problems with the enemies. Don’t forget to set your jobs! Once you’re ready, head into the mountain to the east.




Dragon Mountain




l Follow the path up, heading towards the west. A black dragon will appear and kidnap Luneth’s party to its nest. Speak to the man there.






Hahaha! I saw what happened. That dragon kidnapped you all too, didn’t it!






You’re in no position to laugh at us. You got kidnapped by the dragon too.






Oh, right… Hahahahaha! I’m Desch.




The dragon returns.




Uh oh! The dragon’s back! Hide!!




Arc and Refia runs off.






Don’t bother trying to fight it! You have no chance of beating it!




Just run! Run, run, run!!




l Well, you heard Desch. Choose run!






Phew… That was close. Running away is the only thing I’m confident at!




Hey… Why don’t you take this? This is a very rare spell called Mini. I bought it but, it’s really of no use to me…




In return, why don’t you let me join you on your journey? I’ve actually lost my memory… All I can remember is my name.






I don’t mind but… You OK with it?






Why are you asking me?




But anyway! Selina’s crying because of you!!






…I see. But there’s something I have to do.




I can’t remember what it is… But I’ll remember it along the way! I’ve got such good comrades with me after all!!




Now lets get out of here before that thing comes after us!




Here we go!!




Desch jumps out the nest.




l Now head on south to the forest where you’ll find a healing spring. The dwarf there tells you that if you want to go to the dwarf village Tozas to the south, you need to use Mini to shrink everyone. Before you do that, go near the west side of the forest first because once you’ve shrunk, your physical attacks will obviously be lowered. Once you’re near the spot circled below, equip the spell and cast it on everyone (パーティーぜんたい) using the magic menu then enter Tozas.









l After resting up at the inn and getting the items you need. Go into the house to the NW where you’ll find a poisoned dwarf named Sherko in bed. Give him an antidote (どくけし) and he’ll thank you by opening up a passageway that leads through Miralka Valley. Check the bookcases and table for some items and spells. Head through the passageway then into the next cave, the Viking Hideout.




Viking Hideout




l Ask around to learn that the vikings are no longer going out to sea because of the earthquake and the appearance of the sea dragon. All their boats were shattered apart from the Enterprise. Go find their boss for an event.




Viking Boss:


I’m the viking’s boss.




Ever since that earthquake happened and the sea dragon appeared we’ve been stuck here…




If you can do something about it then we’ll give you our most prideful ship, the Enterprise!






You better mean that!




Viking Boss:


Of course. Only if you can do something about it. Be careful now…




If you speak to the female viking next to him, she’ll suggest you better not take the ship out because the dragon will attack. The dragon is probably from the Nepto Shrine. Leave the base and head for the Nepto Shrine to the west. Remember what the viking said about the ship. Don’t go on it.




Nepto Shine




l Go up to the statue.






It’s a statue of the Nepto Dragon… It’s missing one eye…






There’s a tiny hole that leads further in. Maybe we can go inside if we become dwarves!




l So cast Mini on the party again and enter the mouth. Follow the passage then drop down the left hole for a Carapace Armour and Helmet. Exit the hole and drop down the next to find a Serpent Sword. Follow the path until you see a purple rat. Heal up and prepare for a fight.




Giant Rat:






Squeak! I won’t hand this jewel to anyone! Squeak! You’ll all die!




Boss Fight, Giant Rat


l Apart from claw attacks that can inflict poison, the rat can also cast spells. Not a hard fight.




l After defeating it, leave the statue and then set the jewel back into its place.






Thank you, Warriors of Light.




I am the sea dragon, Nepto. Allow me to thank you for returning the jewel to me.




This jewel is part of my mind. Losing it means I will become a berserk dragon…




Thanks to you, I can now rest in this land once again and protect the waters…




But the water has lost its light.




Someone caused that earthquake and has sealed the light deep underground.




Warriors of Light, the water will be your power and the fangs that will strike out at anything that blocks your path.




Please help return the light…




l Return to the viking boss and report to him. He’ll give you the Enterprise as promised. Take the ship and go west to find the town of Tokkle.








l Speak to the two old men near the entrance and they will seem to be scared of you. Go into the house in front and a boy will run away from you. Go further in for an event.






Help! Help! Please don’t take this child…




Luneth shakes his head.




What? You’re not them? I’m sorry.




I thought the soldiers were back to attack the village again.




*Sniff*… They took away my husband… They took him to the desert to the west. They had the Argus emblem on them…




I wonder if he’s safe… I do hope he comes back alive.




l Leave the house and go to the chief’s house in the north. Speaking to the chief you’ll learn that ever since the earthquake, soldiers have been coming to take everything in Tokkle including the young. Go in through the giant “fireplace” to find another Serpent Sword, a Sonic Knuckle and an item in the pots. Exit the house and speak to Desch.






This looks terrible… It






Did Argus really do this…? It’s unbelievable.






The soldiers came after the earthquake. Maybe there’s some connection.




l Ask around to learn about the Ancients in the west who may know more about the crystals and also the ones that live to the west of Argus Castle who can foretell the future. Exit Tokkle and sail NW until you find Argus Castle. Go inside to find no one’s around and press Y to speak to Desch about it.




Argus Castle






That’s odd. No one’s around.






…What’s going on?!






It’s really odd that there’s not even one person here.




l Go up to the second floor and inspect the right-most candle to open up a secret passageway. Collect the treasure full of Gil then return to the main castle. Go on up to the room with the round table and collect the treasure there too, an Antarctic Wind and Bomb Shard. Outside the room will be a spring where you can replenish your HP/MP. Now exit the castle and return near Tokkle.




l Go west from Tokkle, pass the desert and into the forest. You’ll notice there’s a small patch of the forest that’s isolated. That’s the Chocobo Forest. Go inside and you’ll find a group of Chocobos running around. Speak to one to ride one and to avoid random battles. Notice there’s a village to the west. Before you go there to the Village of Ancients, run round the entire edge of the map once.




Village of Ancients




l Go up the two flights of stairs then speak to the boy in to the west just hidden behind a wheel barrow. Speak to him and he’ll award you some Dwarf Bread for running round the entire land once. If you speak to the people around the village, they’ll tell you about how they are the descendants of the Ancients. The floating land that everyone is on just now is supported by the Tower of Owen. The Ancients found a way to keep the balance between Light and Darkness long ago. But once they caused an overflow of Light because they overused it. The Light was too much for humans to control and the power went out of hand. Eventually, four warriors from the world of Darkness appeared and stopped it.




l Now go pick up some new spells and anything else you need. I suggest buying some elemental staves (???のつえ) for your mages for the next long trek because you will be able to cast spells without using up MP by equipping them then, choosing them under items during battles. Be sure to buy some Softs (きんのはり), Maiden’s Kiss (おとめのキッス) and Echo Screens (やまびこそう) for the next area you have to explore. Leave the village and take a Chocobo from the forest to get back to your ship quickly. Sail to the coast north of Argus Castle, disembark and go west to find a cave that leads into Gurgan Valley.




Gurgan Valley




l Speak to the people inside to learn that the Gurgan Tribe are ones who are born blind but they can see the future with their sixth sense. The crystal that gave Luneth’s party their powers was the Crystal of Wind. To get greater powers, they must go find the Crystal of Fire, Water and Earth. Go downstairs to speak to the main Gurgan man.






Use this magic to enter the Tower of Owen in the north. Desch… That is where you destiny awaits.




The Tower of Owen is a place full of machinery… That is where your destiny lies, Desch.




l Speak to Desch.






I have to go to the Tower of Owen… That’s what I feel I must do right now.




I think that man’s right. My destiny awaits me!






Should we really go…? I have a bad feeling about this…




l The others tell of how Darkness will first seal the Light of Fire, Water and Earth before it too seals itself along with the land. Another says how the man who will change destiny will appear once the tower spouts fire and is about to crumble. Now go south where there’s a “hidden passage”. There be two Fire Staves there and a Mage’s Cloak. Return to your ship and sail it NE along the coast until you find the Tower of Owen.




Tower of Owen




l Inside follow the path left then right when you reach a junction. Continue on and you’ll reach an area where an event will take place.






Alright, shall we dive?






How can we? We’ll have to turn into frogs first…






What?! I don’t want to be a frog!




l That’s too bad for Refia… Use Toad on everyone and you’ll drop down into a new area. Now either use a Soft or cast Toad again to turn everyone back. Follow the path round for an event.






Welcome to the Tower of Owen. Now that you’re here, this will be your final resting place…




l Continue on up the stairs and onto the next floor to find a chest with an Echo Screen. Go on up two more flights of stairs for another event.










l Now speak to Desch.






I remember now! I’m an Ancient!






What’s wrong? You mean you’re a descendant of the Ancients?






No… I’m… I should be able to remember everything soon.




l To the right you’ll find a chest with a Spark Dagger. Go on up the stairs and follow the path west, ignoring the entrance to the north.






You can all wander forever and ever…




l Now go back to that opening to the north and inspect it to open up a new path to the south. Follow the path round to the very end for another chest with an Echo Screen in it then go up the stairs. Continue up to the next level then find an Echo Screen and Bomb Shard to the right. Go back left and follow the path up through another flight of stairs. Go right for a Sonic Knuckle then left up the stairs. Go right for another Echo Screen then left for a Salamand Sword, Flame Mail and Zeus’ Rage. Heal up and prepare to go up the stairs for a fight with Medusa.






I have orders from Lord Zande to destroy this tower and return this land to the planet of Darkness.




Heeheehee… I won’t let you interfere! Die!!




Boss Fight, Medusa


l Not a hard fight. She will use Glare most of the time that has a low chance of petrifying one of your members. Some of her hits will also silence you. A few blasts of magic from the Thunder Staves will kill her.






Don’t! It’s too dangerous to go near it!! The flames are so fierce now, it’s going to blow!






My memories are finally restored!




I’m the watchman of this tower… A survivor of the Ancients.




I have been in a long sleep just in case anything happened to this tower.




Looks like I slept too long and now I’m a little rusty.




This looks really bad but… I may still be able to do something.




If things stay this way, this floating land will fall away from the sun and who knows what will happen then…




I’m going to in and stop it from blowing up. You guys go on ahead!




This is where we part…




You’ve done a lot for me. Being with you during the journey… has been really fun!






Desch!! Stop it! You’ll die!






Don’t let it bother you. It’s my destiny…!




You guys go to Dwarf Island! I’m sure that’s where the power of Fire is.




Farewell, now!




Desch jumps into the fire!










The party lands back on their ship.






We’re back on the Enterprise…?






Look! The whirlpool’s disappearing… We can go out to sea!




The party watches the whirlpool disappear.






We’re alive because of Desch…




Now we must go to Dwarf Island!




Everyone nods.






Desch… Thank you… Please be all right…




l Before heading to Dwarf island, sail north past the Tower of Owen then to the far eastern shore of the map. Sail all the way south until you find a new village on the most protruding part of the map. Disembark and enter Gysahl where sheep are gnawing on grass at the entrance.








l Here you can find some new spells in the magic shop. Once you have your spells, go enter the house to the right pass the bridge. The man there will tell you about how Gysahls are the Chocobo’s favourite food. Use them on the tree that’s in the centre of the Chocobo Forest and you might be able to meet their boss who has a mysterious ability. Check the pots for some more Gysahl before exiting. Now go north to a shop where they sell Magic Keys for 100g. These will open any locked door you come across. Get a few if you want and finally, rest up if you need to at the inn to the west. While you’re there, if you go through the right wall in the first room, you’ll find a secret passage to an old man. Speak to him to view your game stats and game stats. The inn sells some Gysahls too.




l Now exit Gysahl and sail north then west back pass the Tower of Owen to where the big island on the map is. Enter the Dwarf Cave to the south.




Dwarf Cave




l Speak to the dwarves as you make your way down to learn something is troubling them.






That Guzco stole one of our horns and ran away with it underwater.




But we dwarves can’t swim! We can’t go after it! Human warriors, please help us!




l Keep speaking around to learn there was a beautiful glass tower once up north but after the earthquake, it was gone and what’s left is a hole. The horn that has been stolen from the dwarves’ altar is one of the two horns that were made from ice. One of the dwarves will also tell you about the village of Gysahl to the far east. Buy any new gear you want and feel free to rest up again. There’s an advisor that tells you about the advantages of your currently selected jobs at the inn. Once you’re ready, go down the stairs to the left for an event.






Right, lets dive.






…Do we have to be frogs again?!




Luneth nods and Refia lowers her head sadly.




l Change everyone into toads then jump into the water.




Underground Lake




l Change everyone back by casting Toad again. Make your way through the passage and stairs and you will eventually see Guzco standing on a pile of treasure.






Stay back, stay back! You’re not getting this horn!




Boss Fight, Guzco


l Being a thief, Guzco is very agile and can hit for two turns. He can also cast a few elemental spells as well as cure himself and shrinking your members.




Arc goes over to pickup the Dwarf Horn from the defeated Guzco. Guzco then disappears.






Hey, he disappeared… Oh well! Lets get this back to the dwarves!




l Time to make your way back up. Note the extra shadow isn’t a glitch. Guess who it is… Once you reach the water again, you don’t have to change into a frog to swim back up. Go find the dwarf from earlier in front of the altar for an event.






Rally, rally, rally ho! Thank you very much! This is definitely our horn!




I’ll put it back where it belongs. Just have to undo the barrier around the altar first! Here we go!




There, now you can go onto the altar. Place the horn back on it please.




l Place the horn onto the altar for another event.






Hahaha! I followed you here, disguising myself as your shadows!




Now both horns are mine!




Guzco jumps off.




Now Guzco has stolen both horns!






Damn it!






You fools! These horns are the horns of ice!




I will use them to extinguish the flames leading to the crystal and the power of the Crystal of Fire will be mine!




Guzco runs off.




l Go on after him and sail your ship to the northern cave, the Cave of Flames.




Cave of Flames




l First follow the path west to find an Antarctic Wind. Next return to the junction and make sure your members are fully healed. Go into the lava and run to the right path for another Antarctic Wind. Now take the left path to some stairs and go down. For the first junction, go down to get an Ice Blade (or Freeze Blade). Now go back and take the other path, going down again at the next junction pass the lava fall for a Hi Potion. Return to the junction and go north for a Phoenix Down then return to the junction again and go left down the stairs. Next level, follow the path and collect the Impact Claws to the left. Follow the path up for a Phoenix Down then inspect the rock for a secret passage. Enter the next room and heal up before continuing on into the Crystal of Fire room.






Hahahaha! I’ve stolen the power from the crystal and now I’m much stronger!




But, I’ll have to defeat you lot who have received the light of revelation to unlock its true power. Sorry but, you’ll just have to die!




Guzco approaches Luneth’s party.




Feel the powered up Guzco’s fire power!




Boss Fight, Salamander


l Another agile boss who can hit twice per turn. Ice and water magic works well against it. Just make sure you keep your member’s HP high because once you get the Salamander’s HP low, it will have a fire attack that will hit your members for double the damage its physical attacks can do. If you have any Antarctic Wind left (なんきょくのかぜ), you can use them to deal around 600 damage.






That must be the Crystal of Fire.




Luneth’s party walks up to it.






Warriors of Light…




I will grant you a heart of light that has been asleep in the flames!




You, who separate Light and Darkness, must bring hope to this world once again…




l You now have access to the jobs ranger (かりゅうど), knight (ナイト), scholar (がくしゃ) and geomancer (ふうすいし). Use the warp at the back to get out and return the horns to the dwarf.




Dwarf Cave






Thank you! Allow me to give you this as thanks! You can get more of these at Gysahl!




Magic Keys are handy but once you’ve used them, they break! Take care where you use them!




l Before you leave, speak to the dwarf next to the eastern stairs leading down. He’ll let you into the treasure room. You’ll get a Sea Otter’s Head, Gauntlet, Echo Screen, Scholar’s Robe, Scholar’s Hat, Knight’s Armour, 2x Phoenix Down, Hero’s Shield, Gysahl, Book of Light, Book of Ice, Book of Flame, Soft, Killer Bow and an Elixir. Try leaving the cave and a man will walk in, collapsing onto the ground.






Warriors of Light… Please help us… Ugh…






Are you alright!






The village of Tokkle… has been raided. They are setting fire to it.




Please! Save us!!






How can they do this…






Hyne can… change his weakness…




If there is a scholar then… maybe… Guargh…




l Sail on back south to Tokkle.






I can’t move!






What’s going on?!






Get them!




Bring them back to Lord Hyne’s castle. We’ll turn them into slaves.




Hyne’s Castle






Ugh… Where… are we…?






Looks like they’ve taken us somewhere else. Lets checkout the area.




l Speak to the soldiers to learn that Hyne, a former priest under King Argus’ command is controlling the chief of the Living Forest to create this cell. Hyne changed after he became obsessed with an evil power. Speak with the King himself in the cell to the right.




King Argus:


I am Argus, king of the castle north of the desert.




But now all my soldiers are being controlled by Hyne and no one will listen to my command…




How dare that Hyne. He was a close aide of mine but now… *Cough* *Cough*






Are you alright, your Highness…?




King Argus:


I’m alright. But never mind me. Please defeat Hyne!




l Continue into the next cell to the right and find out that Hyne changed after getting hold of some great power, being controlled by his own ambitions. One of the soldiers will be Hyne’s subordinates and will attack after hearing you plan to defeat him. After the quick fight, move onto the next cell where a soldier is about to die. Speak to him to get a Mini spell, shrink the party then use the pot to recover HP/MP. Once through to the other side, restore the party and follow the path to a crossroad. Go south to pickup some Holy Arrows then return to the centre. Follow the path NW to get two Phoenix Downs then take the west path into the next area. Go north for a Phoenix Down then follow the path into the next area. Go into the door straight ahead for 3000g and an Antarctic Wind. Exit and go in the door to the left for another 3000g and Bomb Shard. Now exit and go into the right-hand room for 3000g and a Zeus Rage. Exit and follow the path round then up the stairs to the next area. Pickup the King’s Sword then continue until you’re outside. Follow the path up picking up the Phoenix Down then go into the next area. Go upwards to find a Rune Bow then go left through to the next area. Now it might be a good idea to switch one of your members to a scholar (がくしゃ) such as your White Mage. You don’t have to change but it’ll make the fight quicker by exploiting his weaknesses. Don’t forget to re-equip your party member with the scholar gear and heal up your others before you approach Hyne.






Wonderful… This power born from Darkness truly is beautiful…




Don’t you understand the beauty of such power!




With this power, I can make a living tree move, control soldiers and become the ruler of this world!!




I won’t let you interfere! Die!!




Boss Fight, Mage Hyne


l As mentioned by the man who died earlier in the Dwarf Cave, Hyne can change his weaknesses which can be ice (こおり), thunder (いかずち) or fire (ほのお). He’ll start out with none but once you see the Barrier Change animation then, he’s changed weakness. Make use of your scholar’s check (しらべる) ability if you have a scholar. He will use Barrier Change every 3rd turn but that doesn’t guarantee he’s changed weaknesses. Once he is low on health, he will start casting Sleep.




Hyne collapses and disappears. A great shaking is felt.






What… What was that? An earthquake?






...Thank you… Warriors…






What was that? The walls are talking!




Forest Chief:


I am the chief of the Living Forest. Hyne cast a spell on me.




But now thanks to you, the spell has been broken. Thank you, warriors.




Now, I will return all those who have been taken here back to their homes and I will return to the forest…




Soldier A:


Thank you!




Soldier B:


Thank you!!




Forest Chief:


Come… Let us go… It will be a bit shaky but, please bear with me…




Moments later, Luneth’s party is standing in front of a tree with fairies around it.




Forest Chief:


Thank you… Now I am finally back home.




Now, take this. I’m sure it will be of use when Darkness shrouds your path.






Thanks to you, the forest is saved!




The fairy hands over a Wind Fang.




Forest Chief:


I must now sleep until my wounded body is recovered.




No one will be able to enter this forest for the next millennium…




When the world was attacked by Darkness 1000 years ago, this floating land was born.




It is of no coincidence that Warriors of Light have been chosen now.




Now, you Warriors of Light must set off on your journey away from this floating land.




You will be able to go to the world that has already been attacked by Darkness.






A world already that has already been attacked by Darkness?




Forest Chief:


Hurry… If you let this chance go by, you will have to wait another millennium.






Bye everyone. Take care now…




l Now it’s time to visit King Argus so head back to your Enterprise and sail to Argus Castle. Enter and go up to the round table room to speak to the king.




Argus Castle




King Argus:


Warriors of Light, thanks to you, peace is with us once again. You have my gratitude.




To thank, please take this!




It is a Time Gear that has been passed down in the royal family from generation to generation. The Ancients made the box.




Give it to Cid in Canaan.






Alright! With this, Cid can make us an airship and we’ll be able to fly off this floating island!




King Argus:


Oh, you know Cid? Then there’s no need for me to explain where he is. Now go, warriors.




l Use the recovery spring outside this floor if you need to then go back down one floor to where the secret passage was to the right. If you have some Magic Keys (まほうのカギ), go through the passageway then up the stairs until you’re outside the castle. Go up the right-hand side and inspect the door. Use the Magic Key to open it then collect the Fire Arrows, Book of Ice, Scholar’s Robe, Ice Arrows, Book of Fire and Book of Light. Now exit the room and go into the other locked room to the left. Speak to the man for two Elixirs then inspect the drawers to open up a secret passageway. Collect the Light Arrows, Killer Bow and Medusa Arrows. Once you’ve done that, leave the castle back to the Enterprise. Sail to Canaan which is just to the east, next to the Dragon’s Mountain.








l Go to Cid’s house in the NW corner and speak to him.






That’s the Time Gear!!




Right, just a moment. I’ll go and modify that Enterprise right now and make it into an airship!




Cid runs off and some clanging noise is heard.




Right, it’s done!! Press A to change it into an airship!




However, you can only land in the sea… Maybe my skills are getting rusty.




Now you can leave this floating land and return to the original world!






Return to the original world…?!






What do you mean? I don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about!






I guess it’s about the right time to tell you.




You and I do not belong in this world, this floating land.




Flashback of Cid and some passengers on an airship.




About 10 years ago, I was piloting an airship and letting a large number of passengers ride it as usual.




But suddenly, the world was engulfed in darkness…




The airship is rocking.




Next, when I woke up, I found myself next to a sea of fire and my airship was in ruins…




The only ones I could save from that wreckage were 4 babies who were you children.




Back to the present.




I don’t know what happened to our home world after that.




You will have to find out with your own eyes!




You are the Warriors of Light, the children of destiny! I’m sure you’ll be able to get there!




l Leave Canaan and before you leave for the original world, make use of the new airship and go back to the spell shops to get what you need. I suggest getting the spell Poisona (ポイゾナ) or some Antidotes (どくけし) for the next dungeon. Also, pick up some Eye Drops (めぐすり) if your party is made up mainly of melee members, the Teleport (テレポ) spell (handy too for getting yourself quickly out of places) and a bundle of Magic Keys from Gysahl. Once you’re ready, fly out towards the edge of the map, away from the floating land.






Woah! Wh- What’s with these clouds?! It- It feels like my power is being sucked away from me…






Hold on! I’m sure all the answers are on land!




Back on the floating island.






I wonder if they reached land safely...




Please, Warriors of Light… You are our only hope…




Meanwhile, Luneth’s party seems to have managed to get through the dark clouds.






We got through?!




Luneth’s party runs to the side of the airship.






It’s so big here… Like a completely different world.




l Fly all the way NE to the small island you see on the map. Land your ship and go onto the shipwreck.








l Explore inside to find a Blood Sword and Zeus’ Rage. Speak to the old man next to the girl.




Old Man:


Oh no, oh no! What should I do, Elia!




If this keeps up then time will stop for me!






Hey, old man! Get a hold of yourself! What on earth happened?!




Old Man:


The world is being attacked by Darkness… It is stopping time for everything that exists.




Elia tried to stop it and… Wait… Elia! Is she going to be all right?!






Ugh… Ugh…




Old Man:


Oh no! Elia! Hold on!






Looks like she’s really weak. We have to do something…




Turns to Refia.




Try using an item.




l Give her a potion (ポーション).






You’re… Where am I?




Wait! That light I see within your hearts…






I’m Luneth. We were guided to this world by a crystal.




A moment later.






So you are the Warriors of Light… Thank goodness… The crystal has chosen the warriors.






But time remains stopped in this world.






So the world has been taken over by Darkness… We have to… return this world back to normal…




Take me to the Water Temple. If I offer the Crystal of Water shard that’s there to the sealed crystal then…




*Cough*… Please! Take me to the Water Temple!




l Fly on over to the bigger island and enter the temple.




Water Temple




l Go on up into the next room to collect the shard.






Thank goodness! There’s still light left in this shard.






So next… We have to get to the sealed crystal.






Yes. If we just offer this shard to the sealed crystal then…






Miss Elia… Why is there a crystal shard here?






We maidens sealed the crystal to protect it when the power of Darkness tried to engulf the world…




We believed that one day, the Warriors of Light would come…




And this shard is used to undo the seal when that day is here.




Come, lets go to the Water Cave north of here.




l Go to the Water Cave in the north.




Water Cave




l Run up to the sealed door for an event.






This is a sealed door…




We made it so that no one could get near the Crystal of Water. Only the Maidens of Water can open it.




Kneeling, Elia recited the words of a prayer and the door opens.




Come, lets go.




l Before exploring any further, I suggest levelling a bit near the entrance area. You can make use of the recovery spring inside the Water Temple when you need it. It’s located to the right of the first temple room. Don’t forget that one side of the spring revives knocked out members while the other, replenishes HP/MP. Once you’re ready, make your way through the Water Cave. When you reach a junction where you can either go up some stairs or right across a bridge, go up first and follow the path round to more stairs. You’ll find a Blizzaga at the end. Once you get to the crystal room and hear that familiar tune, heal up your party and prepare to fight a Kraken.






Crystal of Water… Please return the Light!!




Elia holds the crystal shard that glows dimly with Light, praying with all her heart and offers it to the Crystal of Water.




The Light is returning to the crystal…




Now it’s your turn. You must all join that Light within your hearts with the crystal to become one.




With the power restored in the crystal, it will rid the Darkness from this world and all time will be restored.




Luneth’s party nods and walks off ahead. Suddenly, something dives towards them.








Watch out!




Elia pushes Luneth away and gets knocked out. Luneth picks himself up and runs to Elia.






Elia, are you alright?! Hold on!






Warriors of Light, you are most fortunate to be able to evade the cursed arrows of elimination.




Lord Zande sent me, Kraken here to steal the Light from the crystal. Now die!!




Boss Fight, Kraken


l Time to make use of that nice level 4, Blizzaga spell you picked up. A few blasts from a Black Mage will kill him in no time. Keep your members healed to avoid being knocked out by his powerful spell attacks.












…The Light’s been returned to the Crystal of Water. Thank you, all…




Ugh… Now please… Take the power of the crystal…






Elia, hang on!






No, this is it for me… Now, go…




Please… Fight off the Darkness and… Restore peace to this world…




Elia dies.






Elia! Eliaaaaa!!




The cave starts shaking.






A- An earthquake! The roof is caving in!






Watch out!










The earthquake ends and the Darkness is gone.




Luneth lies somewhere in the dark.






Warriors of Light…




Go see Doga…




You will need his power to stop Zande’s recklessness.




Doga is…




In the land of Dalg..




Luneth wakes up.










Hmm… Where am I…?






This is the water town of Amur. An old man found us unconscious at the Water Temple and saved us.






It seems we’ve been sleeping for 3 days. The world’s completed changed since then…






It seems no one in town knows about how time was stopped once...








l You now have the jobs dragoon (りゅうきし), viking (バイキング), dark knight (まけんし), evoker (げんじゅつし) and bard (ぎんゆうしじん) unlocked. Ask around to learn about Goldor, a man who is mad about money and who also seems to have a crystal. He believes that Luneth’s party are the lengendary Warriors of Light so he’s chained their airship down to keep them from getting his crystal. A bottomless swamp separates the Amur from Goldor’s home so without their ship, the party will have to go through the sewers and get a pair of Floating Shoes to cross the swamp. Monsters have been appearing there so an old man named Jill has locked the entrance. Go speak to the lady south of the armoury shop.






Legend in this town has it that 4 Warriors of Light will appear and fight off the Darkness with an overflow of Light…




Four moustached men run by, posing to shout out “Yeah!” and runs off.






Wh- What’s with those men…?






Huhuhu… They think they’re the 4 heroes from the legend!






I don’t want to get involved with them in any way.




l Go to the chief’s house to the east of the town and speak to him for another event.






I am the chief of this town, Jill. What can I do for you?






We want to go into the sewers because we need some Floating Shoes…






The sewers?! That place is dangerous! I’m making sure no one gets in because there are monsters there.






That’s unfortunate. We really need those Floating Shoes to find the fourth crystal…





What? Are you the 4 legendary warriors?




The moustached men appear again.




Moustached Men:


What?! They’re the 4 warriors?




But we’re the 4 warriors!




They’re saying the same thing!




They’re going into the sewers it seems…




Right, lets get down there first!




Right, lets go first!!




The men run off.






Then I’ll guide you to the sewers! Follow me!




Jill takes Luneth’s party to the entrance.




Here we go! The sewers is just up ahead! Good luck now!




l As usual, don’t go in before picking up what you need in town first. I suggest getting a bundle of Antidotes because there’s a lot of poison frogs down in the sewers. Once ready, go down the stairs where Jill lead you to earlier. From here you can go up to a small patch of soil to pick some Gysahl if you want. If not, go to the SE corner to find the sewer entrance.








l Make your way through, picking up the Cat Claws along the way. You’ll eventually come across the 4 “heroes”.






Aaaaah!! He- He- Heeeelp!!






Hey, it’s those men from earlier!






I guess we don’t have a choice. Lets help them!




After Luneth’s party saves the 4 men.




Moustached Men:


Oh, thanks for the help! That was so close!




We really thought we were the legendary 4 heroes…




But looks like we were wrong. Too bad, too bad… Hahaha!






Look, just go back to town now!




l Go down the stairs to the next level then go right through the secret passage. Collect the Diamond Bell and Hammer then return to the other room. Take the other path left then go into the secret passage to the west. Collect the Kaiser Knuckle, Power Wrist and Poison Dagger. Return to the other room and follow the long path to the next flight of stairs. Follow the path until you meet the old woman, Delila.






Who are you? What do you want with Delila?






Right, lets try asking if we can borrow the Floating Shoes from her.




Luneth nods.










You young ones say you are the legendary 4 heroes…?




I don’t believe you but, never mind.




Delila goes to pickup the shoes.




Here, these are the Floating Shoes! Hold onto them well!!






Watchout! Don’t touch them!




The four men appear again.






Yo- You four again… Didn’t you go back to town?!




And how did you know those shoes were fake…?




Moustached Men:


Oh, it’s nothing. We just wanted to be of some use to you.




We’ve seen the Floating Shoes before so we knew they weren’t real.




Hey , old Delila! These are the real heroes.




Could you please lend them the shoes?






If you lot say so too then I guess it can’t be helped. Take these and go.






Alright! Now we can cross the bottomless swamp with these shoes!






Thank you, sirs. Thank you for coming all this way even though it was so dangerous.




Moustached Men:


Hohoho! It’s nothing!




Now then, lets get back. Hold onto me young ones! We’re teleporting back!








l Rest up if you need to and if you want, you can also go get Luneth to play the piano at the top level of the inn to see a little dance. When ready, leave town. Goldor’s home is in the SE in the mountains. If you have trouble finding it, cast Sight (サイトル) or use Dwarf’s Bread (こびとのパン) and you’ll see a red maker SE of Amur. The random battles around here offer around 600+ XP per battle so you might want to do a bit of levelling first. To get to Goldor’s home, cross the river south of Amur. Next follow the western coast all the way south until you come across a desert to the east. Cross it and you’ll find a swamp. To the north will be Goldor’s mansion.




Goldor’s Mansion




l There will be 4 locked rooms on the first floor. If you want to get to Goldor quickly, unlock the top-right room with your Magic Key (まほうのカギ) and follow the path round to the left to some stairs going upwards. Go up them then, continue left again to a long passage that will lead to another flight of stairs. Go up and you will face Goldor. Otherwise, if you want to explore more, go directly to the second floor for some treasure chests before heading to him.






I am Goldor! I won’t hand over the crystal to anyone!








Boss Fight, Goldor


l As one of the old men mentioned at the inn in Amur, Goldor has high magic defence. Spells level 3 and lower don’t seem to hurt him but, a level 4 spell like Blizzaga seems to work. Other than that, he’s fairly agile and can hit twice per turn. He can also cast various spells such as Protect on himself and confuse your members. When that happens, just use a mage to hit your confused member. After my Black Mage ran out of MP to cast Blizzaga, my Monk and Red Mage finished him off with physical attacks.






Ugh… Arrgh… If you’re going to take the crystal away anyway…




I’ll just have to do this!




Goldor runs up to the crystal and destroys it.






Nooo! He destroyed the crystal!!




Goldor disappears.






I’ll never hand over the crystal to you! Hahahaha….






How- How could he do such a thing… What’s going to happen to the world!






Lets see what’s happening outside!






Calm down! Lets pickup the key to free our airship first!




l Return to Amur to rest up first if you need to and then free the Enterprise by unlocking the chain. If you use Sight (サトル) or the Dwarf’s Bread (こびとのパン) as before, you’ll find there’s two places on the continent to the west but both of them are inaccessible just now it seems. Next closest place would be in the NW corner so fly down SW until you reach the town of Leprit.








l Speak to the boy next to the inn for an event.






I can’t summon very well!




A chocobo appears.




Ack! Another chocobo… This is no good…










Chocobo runs off.




l Speak to the old man to learn about how there used to be a great mage named Noah on the land of Dalg but, he’s deceased now. Another boy will tell you how he could freely summon any creature such as Leviathan and the dragon king Bahamut. Others will tell you how Noah has sealed them all somewhere now and how he had two disciples. One was the watchman of the dream world who has been sleeping somewhere in Fjord to the south of Leprit.




l Go to the right to find a Gurgan man who will tell you how someone is trying to make use of a great amount of Darkness energy just like how there was too much Light energy once. At this rate, both the world of Darkness and Light will shatter once the balance is broken. Check the trees to the left of him for an Elixir. Now go to the opposite side and check the ring of trees next to the boy that’s standing still to find another Elixir. Next, go to the blue house to the NE corner. Enter it from the back by running into the right chimney. At the bottom of the stairs, go right through a secret passage to find an Elixir. Speak to the old man in the next room to learn that there’s a cave underwater where there’s a triangular island. He claims there’s lots of treasure to be found there. Leave the house.




l As you may probably have guessed from the mini event earlier with the Chocobo, Leprit is where all the Summoners and Evokers are. In the magic shop you can buy summoning magic to summon a chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit and Titan. There’s no point doing this at the moment since you don’t have either job unlocked. Leave the town and go for the next place, Dastar which is on a small island near the centre of the map. Don’t try to fly in front of the castle in the big city surrounded by a wall or you’ll get shot down. If you want to move on with the story however, you can skip the next part and get shot down.








l Spread out along the borders of the town are bards who will sing a little about the different summons. The two in front of the waterfall sings about the 4 warriors who came from the world of Darkness once to prevent the overflowing power of Light from breaking the balance. There will also be two geomancers about explaining how they make use of nature as their weapon. As you’ll probably have guessed by now, this is a town for bards and geomancers. While the weapon shop sells harps for bards mostly, the armour shop has some stuff for other jobs. Once you’ve finished purchasing what you need, fly to the large city of Salonia to get shot down.






Ugh… What happened…






Looks like we got hit by a cannon… But what was that all about?






The Enterprise is all damaged… What are we going to do now?






This air… I smell a battlefield. Something’s going on here.








l This great city is split into 4 parts, NW, NE, SW and SE.




NW Salonia




l The NW part contains a library, spell shop and an inn but, both the library and the shop is closed off at the moment. You learn there is a cave that passes out into the underwater under the castle.




NE Salonia




l There are two weapon and spell shops here. Only the weapon shop is open selling Dragoon spears just now. There is also an inn. This is where you learn Salonia was a military power once in air battles with their airships and dragoons once but right now, civil war is taking place with country split into two armies attacking each other. You also learn how there used to be a powerful hero and warrior in Salonia and how the minister has a giant bird-like creature named Garuda following him. Right now, Salonia is closed off under the King’s command who won’t listen to anyone. Those who try to give opinions are executed on the spot.




SW Salonia




l Here you learn Salonia is a place made up of a castle and four towns. An old man in yellow tells you he saw a boy that looked like the prince, going into the pub. Enter for a fight with 3 golden knights. You’ll have come across them in Goldor’s Mansion.






Hey, this bastard thinks he’s the prince. Hahaha, what a joke!




Hey, what’s wrong prince? Lets all have some fun with him!






He- Hey… St- Stop it!






Who the hell are you? Get him!




After beating them.




Oww… Leave us alone~ Forgive us please!






I am Allus, the son of Salonia’s King Ghosn. Thank you for helping me!






What on earth is happening in this country?






Father just suddenly started fighting with his allies.




I tried to stop him but… He wouldn’t listen. He then banished me out of the castle…




Please, travellers. Help me! I want to see my father and ask him why he’s doing this…





I understand. I don’t know how much we can help but… We’ll help you!






Thank you!




l Go speak to the old man who is a servant in the castle. He will hand over a Wind Spear. If you need to store some items, go speak to the man in red in the east house where he’ll summon a Debit Chocobo. Afterwards, go to SE Salonia.




SE Salonia




l Enter the Dragon Tower which is filled with Dragoon gear and monsters just now. Head to the top to find two Phoenix Downs and lots of Dragoon gear. XP is also good here at 700+ per battle so you might want to level a bit. Rest up and once you’re ready, go to the castle. Dragoon would be a good choice for the next boss fight with their ‘Jump’ ability.




Salonia Castle




l Go up and speak to the guards at the gate.






Prince Allus…






Let me in please!






You have been banished from the castle. We can’t let you in.




Another guard comes along.




What? Let the prince in?




Pardon me, Prince Allus. You may enter.




Going inside.




Please rest here tonight. You will be able to see his Highness tomorrow.w




Well, good night…




All is dark.






Are you asleep yet?






No, not yet.






I wonder what’s wrong with my father. I can’t believe he would banish me from the castle…




Does he not love me?









Arc shakes his head.




There are no parents that don’t love their children! There must be some reason why he did it…




We’ll find out everything when we see his Highness tomorrow.






I’m kind of scared…




After everyone’s fallen asleep, King Ghosn appears next to Allus’ bed with a dagger in his hand.




King Ghosn:


Die, Allus!




Allus wakes up along with Arc.






Father! What are you doing?!






Come. What are you doing? Put an end to the prince!




The king stabs himself.




King Ghosn:








Father! Fatheeeer!!




King Ghosn:


Ugh… Now he can’t control me anymore…!






Damn you… Why was my spell broken?!




King Ghosn:


I won’t let you make me take my beloved child’s life!






Then I’ll send you to the other world personally! Die!!






Get back, Prince Allus! We’ll deal with you!!




Boss Fight, Garuda


l I suggested Dragoon here because Garuda will cast a spell that hits melees for over 400+ damage. It doesn’t seem to be as effective against mages, though. Garuda’s weakness is wind and for my party, I had my usual classes; a monk, white mage, black mage and red mage. The monk and red mage didn’t survive for long but with my white mage keeping Curera up and my black mage casting Blizzaga, Garuda was down in no time.










King Ghosn:


Oh, Allus! I’ve been under his control…




I don’t think you will ever forgive me but…




Thanks to you coming back, my soul can be free once again.




Allus… Please take my place and bring peace to Salonia once again…










King Ghosn:


My dear Allus…




The King dies and Allus gets up.






Thank you, all. I should never have doubted my father…






No, you didn’t! You loved your father, your Highness…






Thank you, Arc.




I will succeed my father and govern Salonia. That was my father’s will.




Thanks to you all, Gigasume was defeated! I am truly thankful!!






You can do it, Prince Allus!




l Find a secret passage to the right of the bedroom which leads to the treasure vault. You’ll find Medusa Arrows, a Rusted Armour, Book of Ice, Dragon Hammer, Main Gauche, Dictionary of Fire, Dictionary of Ice, Golem Staff, Scholar’s Hat, Boomerang, Selene Bow and a Dictionary of Light. Follow the stairs down to the bottom room to find another secret passage and more treasure! Here you’ll get another Rusted Armour, a Viking Helm, Earth Bell, Dragon Helm, Viking Mail and Earth Robe. Now return to the bedroom, go outside and then into the room to the right. Speak to the scholars.






We heard what happened.




Please make use of the Nautilus we discovered in an ancient ruin.




Come on! Lets bring it here to the castle!




The 3 scholars runs off but one comes back.




Er, where did everyone go?




A moment later.




We’ve parked it outside the castle!




Its name is Nautilus!




With it, you should be able to stand up against even the wind on the Dalg continent! Take care!




l Exit the scholar room and enter the mages room to the left. You’ll learn from the black mages that the Great Mage Noah divided his power amongst 3 other mages when he died; Zande, Doga and Unei who now live on the Dalg continent. They suspect they’re the only ones with enough power to cause such chaos. To the top-right of the room there is another secret passage. Follow it down to where there is a guard. It used to be an underground passage. Find two Phoenix Downs next to the guard. Now with order restored in the castle, all the places that were closed off are now open to explore!




NW Salonia




l In the library will be Tower of Owen books that tell of how the tower can theoretically control anything including making the planet move. Next the author went onto researching about freezing any object so that they are completely cut off from the effects of time including humans! Book 3 goes onto how the author decides it’s time to leave Salonia to the experimental grounds with his good disciple Desch. Behind the Tower of Owen bookcases are the Ancients books telling of how 4 statues protect a pass, those without the 4 fangs who try to cross will be burned. The balance of Light and Darkness is held by the four crystals Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. The last two books goes onto how the Ancients overused the power of Light and could no longer control it. Later 4 unknown warriors from the World of Darkness appeared to stop it and it the world was saved. Other books available is one about the Sword of Darkness which tells of how one must go to the hidden Falgabard if one wishes to master the sword. Finally, the last two books in the back is one that has some technical details while another is a book that lists the best ships of the year, 1. Nautilus, 2. Invincible, 3. Enterprise.




l The western spell shop sells Firara, Blizzara, Thundara, Curera, Teleport and Blindna. You’ll probably have all these spells already.




NE Salonia




l Spell shop to the left sells Thundaga, Kill, Erase, Curada, Raise and Protect but, at this point of the game, you probably won’t have much Gil on you so don’t spend your money just yet. Check the other stores to see if there’s anything else you want to buy first. The NW weapons shop sells a Thunder Spear and a Wind Spear while the NE one sells a Fire Staves, Ice Staves, Light Staves, Golem Staves, Rune Staves and Wizard Rods. The Rune Staff can be used to cast Erase to get rid of status effects and the Golem Staff can cast Break. SE spell shop sells Break, Blizzaga, Shade, Libra, Confuse and Silence. Shade paralyzes and Libra checks enemy stats. I would make Curada and Raise my top priority if you’re on a budget. After all, Phoenix Downs are so rare! You could always sell you’re the Dragoon (ドラグン) gear if you don’t need it such as the spears (スピア).




l Once you’re ready, leave Salonia on your new Nautilus airship and fly north until you reach the southern continent of Dalga. The monsters here have high attack power but low defence so your mages can die fairly easily. Enter Doga’s House for a scene.




Doga’s House






Who’s there?! Don’t you know this is the house of Mage Doga?




Get them, you lot!!






Kupo! Kupopopo!!




The Moogles run around Luneth’s party then Doga comes along.






Hmmm! Could it be…?




You must be the Warriors of Light. I must tell you something…




Someone is trying to control Darkness and his name is Zande.




Zenda was once a disciple just like me, learning under the Great Mage Noah.




When Noah died, he gave me the power of magic and to Unei, the Dream World…




To Zande, he gave him a life as a human.




Zande did not accept what he was given so he left this land…




Then he used the power of Darkness to attack this land and stopped the flow of time…




As long as time stopped, Zande was free from his life as a human…




But now you Warriors of Light have appeared, resuming time and now Zande is trying to stop time again.




You must stop Zande! Come, I will help you!




Please, take me to the Magic Circle Cave.




The candle in my room is a switch that opens up a hidden passageway that leads there.




l Go into the house to find Moogles selling various items and spells. You probably won’t be able to afford all the 10,000g spells right now; Firaga, Bio, Warp, Aeraga, Stona and Haste. The 5000g spells are Curada and Raise. You can find a blown out candle to the right of this floor where you can use a Gysahl to summon the Debit Chocobo. Go up to the next floor and talking to the Moogles you’ll learn that the Magic Circle Cave leads to the World of Darkness. They also tell you the book on the table revives fallen members while the pot replenishes HP/MP. Now use the candle to open up the passageway. Shrink everyone with Mini (ミニアム) and go through the small hole.




Magic Circle Cave




l Since you won’t be able to restore everyone back to their original size until after the long trek, it’s probably best to avoid the battles here for now. Walk on until you reach the end for an event.






*Cough* *Cough*




We must hurry… I don’t have that long to live…




Come. First I will cast a spell on your ship so that you can go underwater…




Doga casts a spell on the Nautilus as he says an incantation.




Go to the south of Salonia…




In between two pointed coasts. That is where the Temple of Time sleeps… I’m sure Noah’s Lute will be there.






Noah’s Lute?






It is a magical lute that can be heard even in the Dream World.




We will use it to bring Unei here…




I will now use a magic circle to go to the other dimension of Eureka to get a key.




You go wake up Unei and obtain the giant ship, Invincible!




We will meet again! Farewell!




I’ll warp you back outside.




Take care of Unei and we’ll meet again next time!




Doga’s House




l Now that you’re back outside Doga’s House, restore everyone to their original size and feel free to do a bit of levelling. For each battle in this area you’ll earn 900g+ and 1000+ XP so level until say you can afford to buy another (?) spell from the Moogle shops. For a quick exit after restoring your HP/MP inside the house, cast Teleport. Once you’ve stacked up on potions and you’re ready, fly out of the mountain passage that leads to Doga’s House and then fly to the east of the continent where there’s another village. Press B to go underwater in your Nautilus and follow the coast round east until you’re inside the lake. Surface to reach Doga’s Village.




Doga’s Village




l Here you can buy magic spells at all levels from the Black Mages including Ancient Magic such as Quake. Once you’re ready, exit the village and fly to the east to the triangular island. Remember the man who said there was a cave full of treasure underneath a triangular island? Well, here it is. Land and sink underwater on the east side to find the cave.




Underwater Cave




l Follow the path round then down to the next level. Go NW to find a Chakram then SW for a Double Tomahawk. Now go NE for a Tiger’s Claw and then go SE down the stairs. Go south to collect an Ancient’s Sword, Diamond Shield, Metal Knuckle, Diamond Helm and a Book of Knowledge. Return to the first bridge and go left to find a Diamond Mail, Loki’s Shield, Diamond Ring and an Air Knife. There is a secret passage to the left but ignore it for now. Instead, continue south for a Phoenix Down, Elixir and a Diamond Glove. Now go back across the bridge and go through the secret passage where you’ll find four treasures with monsters inside. The first top-right one contains an Aegis Shield and has a Dragon Zombie which isn’t too hard to deal with. Just don’t use Cure to kill it if you don’t have too many potions on you. Second top-left treasure has a Trident with a Peryton inside. He’s fast and can hit fairly hard for about 400 HP so keep your members healed. The third bottom-left chest has a Reflect Mail with a Death Claw inside. Easy fight. Finally, the last chest has a Triton Hammer with a Eater. This monster splits with every non-fatal physical attack so use your best magic on him. Now that you have all the treasure, why not do some more levelling here? With almost 4000+ XP for some battles and 2500g, you’ll gain a few levels fast and have a good bit of money afterwards.




l After levelling, leave the dungeon and go rest up. Purchase some new spells if you want and then fly back to Salonia. Follow the southern coastline towards the west until you come to what looks like a lake enclosed within two curved horns. Dive underwater and you will arrive at the Temple of Time.






Temple of Time




l Use a Magic Key (まほうのカギ) on the first locked room to the left to find a Diamond Helm then go to the second room to the left for a Diamond Ring. Go into the water to the left and follow the path to go down to the next level. Collect the Defender (a very nice sword) from the right Go down the next flight of stairs and go right to find a locked room. Go in to find a Diamond Mail then exit. Take the left stairs in the water to another locked room to find a Behemoth Knife and a Diamond Glove. Exit the room and go unlock the room to the right. Go down the stairs then go through the secret passage behind the waterfall to the right. At the bottom room you’ll find a Blood Lance, Protect Ring and Lamia’s Harp. Return to the stairs in between the two waterfalls and go down to the far south where across an area that is covered in water again. Go enter the left room for a Diamond Shield. Finally, go into the room to the right for Noah’s Lute.




The Illusional Lute sealed by time begins to sound.




l Teleport out of the temple and before we go find Unei, lets explore the Salonia underground passageway that’s been sealed off. Again, rest up and stock up on what you need such as Hi Potions at NE Salonia then fly to the coast south of SE Salonia and land underwater. You’ll find the entrance to the Salonia Catacombs. One of the bards in Dastar mentioned how Odin sealed himself because he was afraid someone would use him for his power again so, maybe this is where he is… Since we’re passing by, lets pay him a visit.




Salonia Catacombs




l Follow the path until you reach a junction. Go right, following the path to collect a Golem Staff, Rune Bell and an Aegis Shield. Return the way you came and go left this time to collect a Reflect Mail and a Heavy Lance next to the stairs. Go up to the next floor then straight to the right for a secret passage. Here you’ll find 2 rows of chests with both items and monsters in them. The top row are Elixirs with Ouroboros in the chests too and the bottom row contain Phoenix Downs along with Kencos in them. Now return to the stairs where the blue carpet is and go up. Heal up and speak to Odin to fight him.






Who dares awaken me from my deep slumber…




Boss Fight, Odin


l Just like the other bosses, Odin can slash at your members twice. He should also have a powerful swipe that can knockout one of members in one hit but I haven’t seen it. I cast Haste on my Red Mage and White Mage then, Protect on the Black Mage. After that, I kept hitting him with the most powerful spells along with normal attacks from my Monk and dual wielding Red Mage.






Well done, Warriors of Light… You may use my power!




l You should now have saved up a little more money. Feel free to go rest up, buying any new items you need then fly to the western side of Salonia Castle. There is a cave far to the south of Leprit. If you can’t find it, use Sight (サイトル) or use Dwarf’s Bread (こびとのパン) to find a white marker to the very south of Salonia. Enter Unei’s Shrine.




Unei’s Shrine




l Run up to the altar and inspect Unei. The lute will start playing a tune that reaches the Dream World and Unei will wake up.






Hmmmm…. *Yawn*






Amazing, amazing! Unei’s awake!






Ah~ What a nice long sleep I had! Come on parrot, perch onto my shoulder!






Aye aye, sir!




Parrot flies over to Unei’s shoulder.






Now, time for some wake up exercise!!




Unei runs around in circles.




Here comes Unei from the Dream World!! Yaaaaay!!




I’ve been in the Dream World for all this time. Ah~ You look pretty handsome!!




Oh wait, I heard about you all from Doga in my dreams.




But anyway, first we have to get a hold of that giant ship! With it, you’ll be able to fly over mountains!




It should be in the Ancients’ Ruin to the north of here. Now lets go out together.












What is it?! Don’t tell me you don’t want to be together with an old lady!






N- No, that’s not what I meant…






That’s OK then.




Unei starts walking off but then turns round to Luneth again.






Oh no, I have to hand you this before I forget!




Unei hands over the Fire Fang.






What’s this?






The two fangs that you already have and this one…




You mustn’t lose any of them! They are very important items needed to destroy the four statues Zande’s created.




There is one more Fang and that’s the Earth Fang. To obtain it, you will need the giant ship.




Now lets go!




l Leave the shrine and fly north. The Ancients Ruin is marked by a red marker and is directly west of Salonia Castle. You need to go through the river channels to get to it.




Ancients’ Ruin




l Follow the path in to find some scholars studying the site. Some rocks are blocking away thanks to the earthquake a while back. Inspect the rocks.






Leave it to me!




If I destroy these boulders in the Dream World then they should disappear from this dimension too.




It’s dangerous so stay back there and watch…




Unei destroyed the boulders one by one.




Ha… Ha… I really am getting old…




Now lets hurry on. The giant ship Invincible should be inside.




l Be careful because some of the monsters can split up each round, just like the few you dealt with earlier in the treasure room. Go into the left-most doorway to find a group of scholars. To the north you’ll find a resting place along with a weapons and armour shop. Stuff that the scholars excavated during their research here. Go down the stairs to the right and then follow the path to a junction. Go down then turn follow the path left. Go into the room to get a Black Belt. Return to the cross junction earlier and go into the room to the right for a Chakra Band. Next to into the room to the top-left for a Rune Bell, exit then go down the stairs to the top-right. Now head all the way down until you reach the Invincible and what a ship it is! It has everything you need for travelling!






Listen and remember this well. Going down the stairs behind you will take you back to the surface.




To get back on the ship, go into its shadow on the ground and press A.




You can also use the A button to increase the propeller’s speed to fly over mountains.




Pressing B will stop the ship and you will be able to rest. Using the rudder will start it up again. Understand?












Now follow me!




If you put gil into the machines here, you can buy items. I’m sure there are some powerful weapons too!




I have also summoned the Deposit Chocobo here with my magic. Come on, come on out!




The giant chocobo appears.




And over there are beds for you to rest in.




Unei walks over to glowing device.




Doga is calling…






Are you going already?






Yes. You will have to do the rest yourselves.




First you must go into the Cave of Darkness to the north of Amur to obtain the Earth Fang.




Once you’ve done that, come back to Doga’s House. There will be something we have to give you.




Good luck now! We’ll meet again at Doga’s House once you obtain the fang!




Unei disappears.




l For those using Dark Knight or just for completeness, lets head to Falgabard. After checking out your new ship, go up to the rudder and start it up. To get there, fly to SE Salonia first then, fly in the SE direction until you reach some mountains. Continue east until you see two smaller mountains. Fly your ship right up to them then press the A button to fly over them. Follow the path SE then do the same again and you’ll reach Falgabard. Press B to go switch off the ship then go down the stairs onto the surface and enter the town of Dark Knights.








l First, enter the waterfall to the north of the town by going into the patch of trees to its left. Inside you’ll find a man with a Katana who’s looking for the right person to give it to. Talk to him to fight a Shinobi and you’ll obtain the Kiku Ichimonji. If you want, you can switch one of your members to the Dark Knight job and equip him/her with the sword. Enemies that usually split up when hit with a non-fatal physical attack won’t split up if it’s a Dark Knight using a sword. However, they shouldn’t really bother you that much. Exit the waterfall cave and go into the one in the NW corner of town. Enter to obtain a Blessed Hammer then go through the secret passage to the bottom-right to get a Demon Mail. Go right into another secret passage to get an Ashura and Kotetsu sword. Now you can either Teleport out or fight your way back out. Pickup what you need if you’re using Dark Knight and lets go work on obtaining the rest of the summons ready for when we unlock the jobs Summoner and Evoker. In your Enterprise, fly back to the Floating Land and then to Lake Dol, SW of the Tower of Owen. There’s mountains you can jump over to the south of the lake. Land and row into the giant shadow.




Lake Dol




l First up, Leviathan. You should get some good XP here which some battles giving up to 7200 XP so don’t hesitate to level up. Once you defeat Leviathan, you won’t be able to go back into this dungeon. At the first junction go south for a Phoenix Down, God’s Rage, Earth Drum and Northern Wind. Return the other way up for three Hi Potions and an Elixir. Go down the stairs then at the junction go north for an Aegis Shield, Platinum Hammer, Bacchus’ Wine and a Turtle Shell. Go south for a White Scent then go downstairs. At the junction go NE for a Black Hole, Platinum Hammer, Reflect Mail and Black Scent. Return to the junction and go SE for Lilith’s Kiss and Tengu’s Yawn. Next, follow the stairs down in the NW, heal up and follow the path round to find Leviathan. Speak to him to start the fight.






I am Leviathan. I will also lend my power to the ones with the Light!




Allow me to test your powers…!




Boss Fight, Leviathan


l Each of his hits can petrify your members and he can cast ice based spells such as Blizzard. He can also cast Protect on himself. Once he is low on HP, he will start using Tsunami a lot; a powerful wave attack that hits all members. Not too hard a fight. Thunder based spells works best on him. Keep everyone healed as usual and use Soft (きんのはり) or Stona (ストナ) when a member is petrified.






Yes, that is the power of the ones with the Light!




l Now teleport out of the cave and get back on the Invincible. Fly to the SE of Gysahl to find a cave to the southern tip of the eastern continent. Jump over the mountains from the east side and enter Bahamut’s Cave.




Bahamut’s Cave




l Follow the path down to the crossroad then go left for an Earth Drum and a God’s Rage. Go back to the crossroad and go right for a North Wind and a Phoenix Down. Now return to the crossroad again and go down the stairs to the south. Follow the path to get a Golem’s Rod, White Scent, Bacchus’ Wine, Chocobo’s Rage and Turtle Shell. Go downstairs and again, follow the path to get a Eurytos Bow, Phoenix Down, Elixir and Kotetsu. When you get to two bridges, cross the first and heal up before walking any further as this time, the battle with Bahamut starts as soon as you reach the cave at the end.






You done well to get here. Now try to defeat me!




Boss Fight, Bahamut


l Apart from the usual two hits per turn, Bahamut will use his special Mega Flare when low on HP.




l Now you have to make you way back to your ship because teleport won’t get you back to the other cave unfortunately. Next it’s off to the Cave of Darkness back in the surface world. You will find it directly east of Falgabard or Salonia on the far eastern continent. Make your way over all the little mountains then enter the cave.




Cave of Darkness




l This place is a big labyrinth filled with monsters that split so you may want to make use of Dark Knight and go about exploring yourself. If not, head to the right secret passageway for a Dark Scent first. Return to the main route and follow the path, collecting a Dark Glove before you find a badly wounded Dark Knight next to the stairs. Speak to him and he’ll hand over a Kotetsu. Go down to the next level then follow the path round to the north. Take the passageway west to find a Lilith’s Kiss and go south into another passageway. Follow the path round then down to the next floor. Do the same again to get to the next level. Take the top-right passage and go all the way to the end. You’ll find there are 3 hollows to the bottom. Take the first one you passed and follow the passageway to the south to find a Genji’s Glove. Take the stairs down then go into the passageway to the bottom-left. Follow the passages all the way round until you get to some stairs. Go down then take the secret passage to the right. Follow it until you’re out into the open again. Go down the long path then take the left passage and collect the Kiku Ichimonji at the end. Go down the stairs to find a Genji Shield. Take the right-hand passage and follow another long open pathway southwards. Go into the left passage then down the stairs. Walk across the long bone to obtain Genji’s Helmet. Go up the stairs then north across another long bone to find the Earth Fang. Heal up before touching it to fight Hekatoncheir.






There it is! The Earth Fang!






Who are the ones that come to break the ancient seal…




Boss Fight, Hekatoncheir


l Keep your members healed while hitting him with your strongest shots and it’ll be an easy fight. Apart from the usual two hits per turn, he can also cast Quake.






Come on, we have to go to Doga’s House where Doga and Unei are waiting for us.




l Now that you have the Earth Fang, teleport out of the dungeon. Board the Invincible then fly west over a large lake. You should then see a mountain passage to the NW of the lake. Go through this to find the statues Unei was talking about.




Valley of Ancient Statues




l Don’t bother trying to fly past them because your ship will just get bounced back. Instead, land to the south then walk through them. Luneth will use the Fangs to destroy them. Get back on the Invincible, fly over the small mountains and follow the path. There will be random battles after this point but they’re weak ones. Land outside the large wall to the Crystal Tower then enter the Ancient’s Labyrinth.




Ancient’s Labyrinth




l Walk on through the door up ahead to find the Crystal of Earth and prepare to fight Titan.






It’s the Crystal of Earth…




The place darkens as Luneth walks up to it.






Lord Zande commands me to send you all to the world of Darkness!!




Boss Fight, Titan


l He looks very much like Hekatoncheir but anyway… Again, he gets to attack twice per turn. Once he is low on HP, he will use his special a lot just like the other summons; the Ancient magic, Quake. Easy fight because Quake doesn’t hurt that much.






Warriors of Light…




My power has been used for evil by the one named Zande. Darkness is about to engulf the world once again…




Come. Take the power from within me and rid this world of the Dark Cloud.




The Sylx Tower was created by gathering the power of Light.




There, Zande is trying to use that power to summon the Dark Cloud.




Warriors of Light. Go to the Sylx Tower and stop Zande.




The crystal shares its power with Luneth’s party.




l Now you have other jobs to choose from to fight Unei and Doga! You can now switch to Evoker (げんじゅつし), Martial Artist (からてか), Devout (どうし), Magus (まじん), Summoner (まかいげんし), Sage (けんじゃ) and Ninja (にんじゃ). If you have been using White Mage, upgrade him/her to Devout and Black Mage to Magus for extra high level spell MP charges. Don’t forget to re-equip and run them through a few battles until the status down effect is gone! Now teleport back out and board the Invincible. Fly back to the old Enterprise ship and use it to return to Doga’s House.




Doga’s House






We’ve been waiting for you… Allow us to show you what Unei and I prepared for you all!






Doga?! Where are you?






Step onto the magic circle and make your way through the cave. Come to where Unei and I are!




l If you haven’t already, go heal up and stock up on items. You will be fighting your way through a cave and then both Unei and Doga one after the other next. When you’re ready, step onto the circle to enter Doga’s Cave.




Doga’s Cave




l Follow the path down, collecting the chests of 10,000g. When you finally arrive at a junction, go to the room to the NW for a White Scent, Last Dagger and a Rising Sun. After that, take the stairs to the NE. Collect the Chocobo’s Rage then go down to the next level for a Phoenix Down next to the stairs. Follow the path down for another Phoenix Down then go up the stairs. Heal up and be ready to fight the two Noah disciples.






You done well to get here! Now we must complete the Eureka key!






You must fight us!






What?! We… We can’t do that!!










Long ago… A weapon was sealed by Eureka because its power was too great for humans to handle and now, we need it!






And to complete that key to Eureka, you will need the energy that is emitted during your fight with us.






No! No matter what you say… We can’t fight you, Doga and Unei!!






You don’t understand, do you! Then what if I told you that you will die if you don’t defeat us!!




Boss Fight, Doga


l Needless to say, Doga will cast a bunch of spells including a few powerful Ancient magic ones that can kill any of your members in one cast. Apart from that, he will hit your members with his tail before casting Drain sometimes. As with all bosses, he has can perform two actions per turn. I cast Haste on my White Mage (Devout) as usual and then Protect on the rest of my members. While the Black Mage casts the most powerful elemental spells I had my White Mage keeping everyone healed with Red Mage backing her up. If no healing is needed then, I have him join in the battle with his dual swords. I had Luneth attacking with his usual fists of fury as a Martial Artist. Be sure to keep casting Curada even if your HP looks full because you don’t know what Doga will pull off next. Also, that way you will be ready to fight Unei right afterwards.






Doga! Please don’t die!!






Next will be my turn! Lets go!!






Stop this, Unei! I don’t want to fight you!!






Stop complaining!




It will be all right. Even if we lose our bodies, our spirits will not perish… Now lets get started!




Boss Fight, Unei


l Unei attacks faster than Doga and can cast Haste/Protect on herself so use Erase (イレース) if you plan to use physical attacks. When she is about to die, she will cast Holy a lot which will knockout one of your members easily. I used the same strategy as the last boss. Haste on Devout and Protect on the others. Keep healing and let the Magus and Martial Artist attack.






Doga! Unei!






Now the Eureka key is complete. Take it…




Hands over the Eureka Key to Luneth.












Don’t worry. Even if I lose my body, my heart will not be lost…




Zande is in the Sylx Tower that is protected by Ancient Statues… Stop Zande, please.




We can’t let the world fall into Darkness… You can do it… With those hearts of you all.




Focuses on Luneth.




A strong heart.




Focuses on Arc.




A kind heart.




Focuses on Refia.




A beautiful heart.




Focuses on Ingus.




And a heart of faith.




Those feelings in your hearts will become a power of hope. Now rid this world of Darkness, Warriors of Light…






I need to hand this over to you… It’s the key to the Sylx Tower. It will let you open the sealed door there.




We will always be watching over you all. Save Zande for us…










The bodies of Unei and Doga disappear.




l It’s time to go through the last dungeon. Teleport out of the caves then go gather up all the items you need; as many Hi Potions as you can hold (i.e, all 99 of them), items that cure status effects such as Softs, Eye Drops etc. There will be several sections to the dungeon. First, you have to go through the outside wall, the Ancients’ Labyrinth before you reach the Sylx Tower. After entering the Sylx Tower, you will have access to all the levels in the structure as well as to the Land of Eureka where recovery springs and merchants are. Unfortunately, they don’t sell any potions so you won’t be able to re-stock there. Once you reach the top of the tower, you will be entering the World of Darkness after which you won’t be able to return. When you’re ready, head back through the Valley of Ancient Statues and enter the Ancient’s Labyrinth again.




Ancients’ Labyrinth




l Enter and follow the path east to pickup an Elixir then enter the large doorway. Go left to pickup a Crystal Shield and Lilith’s Kiss then follow the path round to the right. Pickup the Crystal Mail, White Scent, Crystal Glove and then enter the next area. Go right for a Crystal Helm then follow the path south to a junction. Go south first to collect a Break Blade, Phoenix Down and Chocobo’s Rage. Return to the junction and follow the path right. Pickup the Double Edged Axe and enter the new area to the right. Follow the path through to another big doorway, picking up a Phoenix Down and Protect Ring along the way. In the area, walk across either path to the end to pickup a Holy Lance then, follow the path left or right round to find a Hell Claw. Enter the doorway to the north..




Sylx Tower (Crystal Tower)




l First lets head into the Land of Eureka to undo the seals to these weapons of power Doga was talking about. Go straight north, up a grand flight of stairs and into the doorway. Continue inside to find a large sealed door. Inspect it for a scene






Wha- What the-!




The sealed door opens.




Looks like the door opened thanks to the key Unei gave us…




Alright, lets go everyone!




The Forbidden Land, Eureka




l This is where you’ll first come across Shurikens (しゅりけん), deadly metal stars that the Ninja can throw inflicting some very high damage! Follow the left path and then take the first right to pickup Fuuma’s Robe and a Chocobo’s Rage. Go on south, ignore the stairs and follow the path back up to the right. Open the two chests to the first left for an Elixir and White Scent then go back down south, down the stairs and to the next level, B2F. Follow the path left and enter the room for a White Scent. Now exit and return right. Continue right until you get to another room for White Scent, Chocobo’s Rage and Phoenix Down. Exit the room and follow the path back down south to the junction. Take the left path down to B3F and collect the Shuriken at the bottom of the stairs. Return to the junction on B2F and take the right hand path this time back down to B3F but to a different part of the floor this time. Cross the bridge and go left for an Elixir then continue down south. Follow the path to B4F, collecting another Shuriken and Phoenix Down in the process. Follow the path again until you reach a boomerang, heal up and get ready to fight Amon.




Power of Darkness, Crescent Moon Ring






Try defeating me!




Boss Fight, Amon


l He looks like Hyne and uses Barrier Change just like him too. Apart from that, he uses some fairly high level elemental spells such as Firaga.




l Once you defeat him, you’ll get the Crescent Moon Ring. Follow the path down to BF and continue down until you reach the crossroads. Go left for the Ultimate Staff then return to the crossroad and go right. Heal up if you need to then, pickup the sword to fight Kunoichi.




Demon Sword of Illusion, Masamune






If you can defeat me then I will be yours!




Boss Fight, Kunoichi


l Kunoichi’s very fast and can attack 3 times per turn. Cast buffs at the start then keep your party healed with Curada while the others attack. If you don’t miss cures on any turn then you should defeat her fairly easily.




l Now you will have the Masamune. Return to the crossroad and go south, picking up a Phoenix Down then go down to B6F-1. Follow the path round until you reach a doorway but don’t go in yet. Instead, go right to find the Excalibur. You know what that means!




Legendary Sword, Excalibur






Will I be able to endure the Light?!




Boss Fight, General


l This boss is attacks twice per turn just like all bosses and inflicts about the same damage as Kunoichi per hit. He can also cast Death now and then for an instant kill but most of the time it misses.




l After defeating him, you’ll have the Excalibur. Go back north and through to the next area, B6F-2 Go across the bridge but don’t enter the Magic Circle yet. Instead, go left to find the Elder’s Staff to fight




Elder’s Staff.






If you can surpass my power then you have my approval!




Boss Fight, Scylla


l Again, two attacks per turn. His physical attacks can petrify your members so use Softs (きんのはり) or Stona (ストナ). Scylla can also cast various spells including Ancient Magic that kills in one cast and, Curada to heal himself.




l After beating him, you get the Elder Staff (ちょうろうのつえ) which only White Mages can use. Equip it and use it as an item just like the Elemental Staves to cast Curera for free! Needless to say, this will save you a lot of MP charges and potions on the way up the tower. Continue to the right to find the sword Ragnarok and fight Guardian.






I am the ultimate demon sword, Ragnarok. Allow me to test your power!




Boss Fight, Guardian


l He can attack twice per turn and his physical hits can confuse your members.






I well lend my power to your Light. You can take me!




l Now use the Magic Circle and go north to collect two Elixirs and Shurikens. Talk to the left girl to buy some Ancient Magic and the right girl for Summons. There is also a secret passage to the right where you can buy gear and the pools of water are for reviving knocked out characters and healing. Once you are ready, make your way back out of Eureka. From now, every time you decide to teleport out of the tower to rest after levelling, I highly recommend you to go outside and save your game so that you don’t have go levelling up or fighting all those bosses again just in case. Also, note that once you get to the top of the Sylx (Crystal) Tower and enter the World of Darkness, you won’t be able to save again so you might want to save to a separate file too if you want to replay the upcoming bosses. If you’re out of potions, you might want to go back out of the Ancients’ Labyrinth and re-stock on the Invincible before you start climbing (and exploring) the tower. Monsters get very tough as you get to the top. I recommend a minimum of level 57 before attempting to go to the final boss. My party setup here is a Knight, Magus, Devout and Ninja.




Sylx Tower (Crystal Tower)




l First, run up to the grand stairs again and follow the path round to the back on the right. You’ll find a Chocobo’s Rage. Follow the path round east to collect all the treasure; Elven Bow, 2x Chocobo’s Rage and White Scent. Now return back to the stairs and do the same for the left side of the stairs for a Lilith’s Kiss, Fuuma’s Robe and another White Scent. Go up to the sealed door and open it just as you did with the door to Eureka. Enter to go to 2F.






Wha- What’s going on!




The sealed door opens.




Looks like the door opened thanks to the key Unei gave us…




Alright, it’s nearly time!




l Follow the path round and take the first turn north. Pickup the Elixir then go back down and continue right. Pickup the Phoenix Down along the way and once you reach the junction, go north along the big hole to find another Elixir. Return south and follow the path east and go up the stairs to 3F. Follow the path east of here to get an Elixir then go through the arch and continue along the path. Once on 4F, continue left, pass the stairs to collect a Phoenix Down then go into the secret passage to the left. Go in a SW direction until you’re out of the passage to collect a Shuriken. Take the stairs to the north and run along the path until you go down some stairs then to the next floor. Continue along the path, up some stairs to collect a Phoenix Down and an Elixir. You’ll find the big hole again. Run along to the SE corner to collect another Elixir. Now go through the doorway to the north of the hole then up into another doorway. Go right to find an archway.




l This is the point where the enemies can get really tough with Dragons (Yellow, Green etc.) having over 80,000 HP on them. The good thing is these dragons also drop parts of the Onion Gear (オニオン ???). Collect the full set to unlock the most powerful job in the game, the Onion Knight (if you have the patience)! Now go through the archway and follow the long winding path down. When you get to a junction going north or west, go west and there will be stairs going up at the first turn. Go up the stairs then follow the path round to the left to get a Phoenix Down. Do the same for the right hand side for a Crystal Mail then return to the stairs and go up to the next floor. Collect the Phoenix Down to the right and follow the path up for a Crystal Mail. Do the same for the left side for a Crystal Glove and Crystal Shield then return to the stairs. Go up the stairs and into the big room with the mirror. Heal up before walking up to the mirror.










You fell for it! Those who are reflected in that mirror are cursed by the 5 dragons!






Damn! I can’t move!!




A light flashes.




Light Voice:


Snap out of it!






What? Is that you, Doga?!




That’s right. My soul is immortal.




Listen. To undo the 5 dragons’ curse, you only need the Light of 5 hearts…




Try to endure the curse until I find the 5 hearts!




Wait for me! And good luck!!




Doga teleports off to Castle Sassoon and appears in Princess Sara’s room.






Ingus and his friends are in danger! Please come with me, Princess Sara.




To undo the dragon’s curse, I need a heart filled with light… I need your power!






What! Ingus is in danger?




I’ll go! Take me there please!!




Doga nods and teleports off to Cid’s house.






Cid, could you lend me your power?






I’ll go anywhere if it’s to help Luneth! Take me there!




Doga teleports to the Tower of Owen and looks around.






Desch… So you died…










Desch climbs up from an edge.






Desch! You’re alive!






Never seen you this way, old man. How can you say I’m dead? There’s no way I can die!




I just finally finished fixing the Tower of Owen. It was so close…




Just a little longer and the floating continent would have fallen…






Refia and her friends are in danger…






One problem after the other… Guess I’ll have to go!!




At Salonia Castle, young Prince Allus is working hard. Doga appears in the throne room.






King of Salonia! Please lend me your power for the sake of Arc and his friends!!






What? Arc’s in trouble?! I’ll go!!




Doga teleports to Amur next to find the 4 moustached men.






Please, could one of you come with me to save Luneth and his friends?




Old Leader:


Time for the hero to appear!




Right! I’ll go!!






Good luck!




Old Leader:


Leave it to me!!




Everyone is teleported to the mirror room.






Luneth! Arc! Refia! Ingus!






Come. Lets hurry before the dragon’s power suppresses them!






This world can’t be engulfed by Darkness again… If that happens, time will stop. It mustn’t happen!




Luneth and the others can move again.






Thank you all!




Right, lets do this!!




l Walk on up to find Zande and to fight him.






Hahaha… You done well to get here.




But you’re too late. Soon the world will be engulfed by Darkness.




Now I just have to kill you all and this world be completely covered by the Dark Cloud.




And I, will have eternal life!




Hahaha! Die!




Boss Fight, Zande


l He will try to cast buffs such as Haste or Protect on himself at the start. Then he either physically attacks you or casts an elemental spell. An extremely easy fight for me. Maybe it was because I kept using Erase (イレース) so that most of the time, he tried to re-cast the spells on himself.






Guargh… It’s no use even if you defeat me…




The Dark Cloud has already…




Engulfed everything in its Darkness..




Zande disappears and Luneth’s party rushes over to the edge to see the dark swirling cloud.




Dark Cloud:


I am the Dark Cloud who has come to return everything to nothingness…




I will engulf everything in Darkness and then… Both Light and Darkness will be returned to nothingness…




First, I will remove you, who holds the power of the Light, from this world!




Boss Fight, Dark Cloud


l Nice tune! Anyway, try hitting her but you won’t be able to do any damage at all. Don’t worry though, that’s part of the story.






Please don’t die!




The people who undid the dragon’s curse earlier is seen faintly in the Darkness.






You can’t die!




Old Leader:


Don’t die!






Hang on!!










There’s a flash of light and Doga and Unei appears over Luneth’s party.






We will give our souls to you! Now stand! Be revived, Warriors of Light!!




Doga and Unei passes their souls to Luneth’s party.




The 4 people are revived!






Come. There is still something left that you must do.






Because of Zande’s wrongdoing, the Light’s power has been weakened. Now the power of Darkness has increased.






Zande is now being controlled by that dark power.






The power is great…






Our souls will soon become one with a much greater soul…




We have to go. There is nothing you can do to help us…






Now go! You must restore the balance to Light and Darkness!




Go! Into the World of Darkness!!






Alright! Lets go into the World of Darkness!






Yeah! Lets go!






We can do it!






Come on, lets go!




l Jump into the portal to enter the World of Darkness.




World of Darkness




l This is it! The final battle! You can dive right into fight Dark Cloud if you want but, notice there are 4 other portals. These portals lead to crystals and bosses that will weaken the Dark Cloud when defeated so you will want to fight them first. Otherwise you’ll be facing the same Dark Cloud that does 9999 damage with her Surge Canon. So lets start with the NW one. Go up and enter the Magic Circle. Follow the path left then go right along the secret path. Continue all the way round to the west to collect the Ribbon where a Zane Clone will attack. After beating him, go along the NE path to find the next portal to the first crystal. Heal up and walk up to it.






You won’t be able to stop the overflow of Darkness! You all die here!!




Boss Fight, Cerberus


l With 3 heads, he can attack three times per turn. Each hit can inflict poison and he can also cast elemental spells. For the first turn, cast Protect on the member with the weakest defence then have the White Mage cast Curada every turn unless the party is really injured. When that happens use the level 7, Curaga spell instead. Have the rest attacking and he should go down.






I am the Warrior of Darkness… I was one of the people who stopped the overflow of Light 1000 years ago. Now, allow me to help you!!




Light and Darkness draws from one another, creating a balance.




However, when the two are mixed together, a world of nothing is born.




The world started from nothing and will return to nothing…




But there is an energy that can prevent it! Yes, it is what you ones call, “hope”.




A certain part of the world may return to nothingness but…




In both the world of Light and Darkness, hope and love will remain!




As long as those things remain, it is too early for this world to return to nothingness!




l Return to the main room with all the portals and take the NE one this time. Follow the path round to collect a Ribbon and to fight another Zande Clone. Continue along to get to the next portal, heal up then approach the crystal.






The overflow of Darkness will erase this world!




Hahaha… Die, ones of Light!!




Boss Fight, 2 Headed Dragon


l As you’ll probably have guessed, he can attack twice per turn. Each of his hits can silence your members so use Echo Screens (やまびこそう) to cure it. Apart from that, same strategy as last time.






I am the Warrior of Darkness… I was one of the people who stopped the overflow of Light 1000 years ago. Now I too will help you!!




The balance between Light and Darkness is maintained by 4 crystals, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth.




Because Zande has stopped one of the worlds from working, 2 out of these 4 crystals have been sealed.




Now, the balance between Light and Darkness is breaking…




And the Dark Cloud is born, to return everything to nothingness…




The Dark Cloud will try to seal the remaining 2 crystals on the floating continent.




When it arrived on the surface world to stop time, it created the earthquake that you all know about…




The Dark Cloud’s power is great but you maybe able to do something about it if you combine the power of Light and Darkness!




l Make your way back out to the portal room and enter the SE portal. Collect the Ribbon ahead to fight another Zande Clone if you want. Follow the path left or right to reach the portal to the crystal room.






Soon, the overflow of Darkness will be complete! No one will be able to stop it!




You will all die here!!




Boss Fight, Ahriman


l Attacking twice per turn, the Ahriman’s attacks can petrify your party members so use Softs (きんのはり) to cure it. He can also cure himself and cast a few elemental spells. All his attacks are weak so you don’t need to cast Curaga, the level 7 spell to keep your members healed. White Mage can attack with Aeraga for a turn if he/she wants! Just use Curaga when you need to now and then.






I am the Warrior of Darkness… I was one of the people who stopped the overflow of Light 1000 years ago. Now, I too will help you!!




Light and Darkness can not exist without either one. The link between them is similar to the sun and this world.




Zande broke this link and so, this world has lost day and night, causing the flow of time to stop…




But now that the Dark Cloud is born, I’m sure he himself never expected to be taken over by it too…




If you don’t stop the Dark Cloud then not only will your world fall into Darkness but…




Both the world of Light and Darkness… Everything will return to nothingness.




However, if we combine our powers together, we may still make it in time!




Come! Let us work together just like 1000 years ago and defeat the Dark Cloud!




l And make your way back out to the portal room to go for the final crystal in the SW portal. If you want to fight a Zande Clone again, go all the way to the left then follow the Dark Cloud path north to find another Ribbon. If not, take the second last path to the left to get to the portal.






You done well to get here but this is the end. Darkness will overflow and the world will return to nothingness!




Boss Fight, Echidna


l A fast attacker with two attacks per turn. Her physical hits can silence members so use Echo Screens (やまびこそう) to cure it again. She can also cast some Ancient Magic such as Death and Quake but the deadliest will have to be Tornado which can hit all members, bringing down their HP to the low 10s or less. If you’re lucky, it will miss your entire party or if you’re unlucky, it will hit all your members. So keep the White Mage casting the level 7 Curaga spell to counter this. Otherwise, she’s fairly straight forward to beat.






I am the Warrior of Darkness… I was one of the people who stopped the overflow of Light 1000 years ago. Now, I too will help you!!




1000 years ago when Light overflowed, the Dark Cloud was born just like now by obtaining the Light’s energy which was out of control…




We Warriors of Darkness prevented the world from returning to nothingness but…




The relationship between Light and Darkness was reversed due to that overflow of Light 1000 years ago…




Before that time, Light existed with Darkness at its centre. Now, Light takes its place at the centre while Darkness surrounds it, creating a balance…




But that Light is losing its power now and Darkness is oppressing it…




That is the overflow of Darkness.




The only ones who can stop this are only you, the Warriors of Light!




l Now for the fun part, the final boss fight with Dark Cloud. Return to the main room then enter the centre portal. Follow the appearing platforms and paths then enter the portal at the end. Heal up and go up to the light up ahead.




Dark Cloud:


I am the Dark Cloud.




I will make Darkness overflow and then return this world, and the world of Light you live in back to nothingness…






We won’t let you! We’ll never let you turn our world into nothingness!




Everyone else nods.




Dark Cloud:


Hahaha… This is the World of Darkness. You won’t be able to defeat me with the power of Light alone…




Warriors of Darkness:


The Warriors of Light are not alone!




The 4 Warriors of Darkness appear.




With the hope of both Light and Darkness, we will work together and stand up against you!




The warriors run into the Light.




Dark Cloud:






Even without the power of the Dark Crystals, I will defeat you.




This time I will use the power of Light to return the world to nothingness!




Boss Fight, Dark Cloud


l This is it! If you’re using Ninja, I hope you’ve been saving up those Shurikens (しゅりけん)! Now you can throw them all out to do some much needed max damage per hit. Being the final boss, Dark Cloud can attack 4 times per turn because she is split into 3 parts; two Tentacles and Dark Cloud herself. Work on the two Tentacles first. The first one on the right is only vulnerable to magic while the second is only vulnerable to physical attacks. Both Tentacles have around 130,000 HP and are vulnerable to Shurikens. While trying to kill off these tentacles, the right one will cast Toad and paralyse your members. The left one casts a thunder based attack that will hit all members. Melees are the most vulnerable to the thunder but, the Devout seems to be invulnerable to it. Dark Cloud herself will also attack twice per turn, sometimes using the Surge Cannon that do some serious damage without Protect cast on your members. So make sure to cast Protect on the members with the weakest magic defence (namely the melees) first. You can also make use of the Turtle Shell (かめのこうら) items to cast Protect also which is faster than casting. Also, make sure to cast Haste on your White Mage as healing will be very important. Either that or use Bacchus’ Wine (バッカスのさけ) which will give the same effect. Dark Cloud will have about 150,000 HP also.




l Enjoy the ending and wait for the credits to end!




The world began as one of nothingness.


One day, Light and Darkness was made.


That was where everything was born from.




The stars, earth, water, fire…


And life.


Time was going to restore it to its place.




But something else was born after life.


It was something that split Light and Darkness apart,


And shone upon the world.




That was the energy of hope…




When the time comes for Light and Darkness to join,


And return everything to nothingness again,


Someone will appear to split the two up.




Never forget that it is the hope from people who will give this person the power…




Dreams, despair, love… All will be pushed along by the flow of time.




But you mustn’t be caught in the flow.


You must not be washed away.


You must go discover.




Always that last speck of light.


The light that shines upon everything.








Hey, all!






Luneth! Arc! Refia! Ingus!






You done it!






You won!




Old Leader:


You really are the real thing, aren’t ya? Amazing!






That was amazing!






Come on everyone! Lets go home!




Back onboard the Invincible.






Thanks, man!




Old Leader:


Awww, it’s nothing. Come on, lets get back to Armu.




Back in Armu.




Old Leader:


Hey everyone!




Moustached Men:


We’re glad you’re alright!




Old Leader:


What do you mean? Of course I’m alright!






Thank you. Thanks to you, the world is saved.




Moustached Men:


Hohoho! If you’re ever in trouble leave it to us 4 old men!




Come again whenever you want. We’ll train together! Hahahaha!!




Farewell and we’ll meet again!




Back onboard.






It’s Salonia!






So we’re back…




Luneth’s party walks into the castle with Allus.






Thanks, Prince Allus! I mean, King Allus!






It was your heart of Light that saved the world. I should be the one giving my thanks.




Thank you, Warriors of Light! I will continue to work hard and never forget the courage you showed to me!




Thank you very much!!




Luneth’s party walks out the castle but Arc slows down to wave goodbye.




The Invincible flies off.






We’ll be at Canaan soon.






Oh, we’re there already? My old lady must be waiting for me.






I’m be getting off too here then.






Desch, why at Canaan?






Well you see, just a little something I need to do…












You know, it’s Selina!






Oh good! You’re off to see her!






Stop it… Now I’m blushing.




Everyone tries not to laugh.




The ship arrives at Canaan.






Hello, my dear!




Runs up to hug her.




Cid’s Wife:


Stop it. There’s people here! It’s embarrassing!




A girl walks up.












Lord Desch!! Don’t go anywhere else again!






Yeah, I’ll always be with you!






Dear! We can’t lose to the young ones!




Cid’s Wife:


What are you doing! …I guess it can’t be helped…






*Cough* Excuse me…






Oh sorry!






Sorry we had to show you all that!






Call me when you’re off on another adventure.






That’s a big NO!






Stop getting ahead of yourself, Desch!






Shut up!






Come back here whenever you want. I’ll treat you to some of my wife’s cooking!






Thanks! But I have to go see my father first!




Once I get back, I have to get back to my training in blacksmithing and spend some time with him…






That’s fine. Give my regards to Taka!






Well, see you again, Cid, Desch!




Ingus goes up to Princess Sara.






Princess Sara, lets return to Sassoon Castle.






Awww, I want to have some more fun! I’m not going back to the castle yet!






What?! But, Princess…






You’re so slow! I mean I want to be together with you for a little longer!












Are you blushing? Come on, lets accompany everyone back to Ur and Kazus first!!






Your wish is my command, Princess until the last days of my life!!




Flying back to Ur.






Ur... We’re back home.






Come, lets go!






Welcome home!






Luneth, welcome home!!






Grandpa, mother… We done it!






Well done! Very well done, indeed!!






You did well…






Grandpa, auntie! What about me…






Yeah, you done good too!!




Boys walk up to Refia and Arc.






Welcome back.




Thank you. The world is now saved.




The town’s dancer and people surround Ingus.




Dancer Girl:


You guys are soooo cool!




So the Warriors of Light were real!




Let me kiss you to thank you! *Smooch*




Walks forward towards Ingus.










Back to Luneth’s group.




Old Man:


The world is now released from Darkness.




It was all thanks to the Light within your hearts.






Thank you, Warrior of Light!!










There’s a flash of light.




The light…






The Crystals are restored…






So beautiful…






Darkness is gone and the light shines upon the world… It is a new dawn…




Dark clouds clear from the sky and a light appears.




Cast and credit roll in English.




l And that’s it, you’ve beaten the game! You can now save the items and stats you ended the game with into a file. After saving the file, press B then A to return the title screen. Load the file and you will be free to explore the FFIII world. Zande and Dark Cloud will also be available to fight again in the World of Darkness. If you found Dark Cloud too easy, why not try only killing off two of the Dark Crystal bosses before fighting her? Maybe you can try and collect the full set of Onion Gear too now from those dragons! Hope you enjoyed the game and this guide!


Ty to Xcomp


- Hirokari64 -

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