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NES to DS Changes

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NES to DS Changes



Characters / Plot:


Four generic characters Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus all have unique personalities
You start the game with four characters You start the game with only Luneth





You change jobs after the Land Turtle in the Altar Cave You change jobs after Jinn in the Sealing Cave
You get the Thief Job later in the game You get the Thief Job as one of your first jobs
Has Capacity Points Doesn't have Capacity Points
Onion Knight is everyone's starting class Onion Knight is an unlockable class; Freelancer is the starting class
Job level affects the damage/healing you do and the damage you take. Job level directly affects the overall strength of the job.
Martial Artist is received after the Water Crystal Martial Artist is obtained after the Earth Crystal
No penalty for changing jobs Stats are slightly lowered for a bit after changing jobs
Hunter can use white magic Hunter cannot use white magic
Sage can use summon magic Sage cannot use summon magic





Only Lava falls in Flame Cave cause damage Lava in Flame Cave damages you at approxamately 10 HP Damage every 3 seconds





No hidden boss An optionable boss called Iron Giant can be fought


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