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Nepto Shrine

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Nepto Shrine



Items to find in this section:




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ネプトのめ Eye of Nepto x 1 (Key Item)
みずのきば Water Fang x 1 (Key Item)




Japanese Name English Name Amount
サーペントソード Serpent Sword x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ツノガイのかぶと Horned Helmet x 1
ツノガイのよろい Horned Armor x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
プティ Putee Nepto Shrine
ポイズンバット Poison Bat Nepto Shrine
リリパット Lilipad Nepto Shrine
ウェアラット Wererat Nepto Shrine
ブラッドウォーム Blood Worm Nepto Shrine




Exploring the Nepto Shrine:


-- Enter the Nepto Shrine on the tip of the north cape by the Viking Hideout --

-- On the first floor, no enemies are to be found --

-- Proceed north towards a giant dragon statue --

-- Inspect the dragon's head to see a scene --


-- The dragon has a red jewel in its left eye; it sparkles for a bit --



A statue of the Nepto Dragon...

It's missing its other eye...


Arc -- inspecting the statue --

A tiny hole is in the eye socket leading further inside.

If we were to become dwarves, maybe we could go in!


-- Luneth nods --

-- Inspecting the dragon again gives the same scene --

-- So, turn everyone into dwarves with 'Mini' and head on inside --


-- Go down the stairs and all the way to the right --

-- You will cross a broken bridge and the path will start to curve upwards and to the right --

-- When you reach the end, you will see two holes: one on the right and one on the left --

-- First, go into the hole on the left --


-- In this room, go down the steps and to the left to find two chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (right) = Horned Helmet --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (left) = Horned Armor --

-- There is nothing else here, so head on back up the previous room and down the right hole --


-- Here, go down the steps and to the right to see a chest north of you --

-- Treasure Chest = Serpent Sword --

-- After getting the item, head down and to the right, down another hole --


-- From here, head down the stairs and all the way to the right --

-- The path curves slightly upwards (like the first floor) --

-- At the end, you will see a big rat hanging out in a small hole --

-- Proceed up to the rat to see a scene --


Giant Rat

Squeak! -- zoom out to show the party --

Squeak! I'm not giving this gem to anyone!

Squeak! I'm gonna kill you all!


-- BOSS BATTLE: Giant Rat --


-- After defeating the Giant Rat, Luneth grabs the gem left behind after battle --

-- You have received the Eye of Nepto! --

-- Now, proceed back to the very beginning of the dungeon and place the gem into the eye of the Nepto Dragon --

-- When you do, a scene starts --


-- You inserted the Eye of Nepto into the hole --

-- The Nepto Dragon's eyes flash --


Nepto Dragon

Thank you, Warriors of Light. I am the sea dragon, Nepto.

Allow me to thank you for returning the gem.

This gem is part of my heart, my mind. When I lost it, only my body existed.

It didn't have any choice but to rampage the seas...

Thanks to you, I can rest in the earth again.

I can protect the waters...

However, the water has lost the light it once had.

Someone caused the big earthquake and sealed the light deep underground.

Warriors of light, many obstacles will prevent you from your way.

Use the power of water to shatter these obstacles.

I confer upon you the Water Fang to help you in your journey.

Please, help return the light...


-- You received the Water Fang! --

-- The Nepto Dragon has fell into a deep sleep --


-- After putting the dragon to sleep, you can exit the Nepto Shrine --

-- However, you are unable to use the ship, the Enterprise, as it is not docked on land --

-- Go to the next section to continue the game and talk to many characters --


Previous: Viking Hideout -- Next: The Enterprise


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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