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Japanese English Type Description
すっぴん Freelancer W/M What you start off as. You can wield any weapon and also make use of White/Black Magic although the overall effectiveness is very low.



Wind Crystal:


Japanese English Type Description
戦士 Warrior W With a high amount of HP and defense, the Warrior can use "Advance" to boost his/her attack temporarily at the expense of lower defense. The Warrior can't use any magic.
モンク Monk W Skilled in close combat arts, the Monk can attack at high speed with bare hands. He can't use magic and the equipment he can make use of is limited. With "Counter", the Monk can counterattack the enemy when hit by physical attacks.
シーフ Thief W As some of you may have guessed, the Thief can "Steal" items from the enemy and has the ability to "Flee" allowing you to have a higher chance of escaping from battles. The Thief can also open all the locked doors when he/she is at the first position; so you can skip the magical keys.
しろまどうし White Mage M Making use of mainly healing type magic, the White Mage can heal party members without wasting items. The White Mage has low attack power and low defense. Just like the Black Mage, he/she will take a lot of damage when hit.
くろまどうし Black Mage M Skilled in Black Magic, the Black Mage can cast spells that strike all enemies at once. He has low HP and has the lowest defense out of all the jobs.
あかまどうし Red Mage W/M With skills that are in between the Black Mage and White Mage, the Red Mage has average attack power and can wield several types of weapons. The Red Mage can't make use of high level White/Black Magic spells.



Fire Crystal:


Japanese English Type Description
狩人 Ranger W Shooting from a distance, the Ranger can shoot multiple shots in one smooth movement. "Barrage" allows you to hit an enemy a random number of times in one shot.
ナイト Knight W/M With a higher defense than the Warrior, the Knight can protect party members using the "Guard" ability, taking any damage inflicted upon his comrades. Can also make use of White Magic to heal himself and allies.
学者 Scholar M Holding a book in one hand, the Scholar is skilled highly in analysis. With his "Check" ability, he can find out various stats about the enemy and their weak points. Apart from being able to make use of White Magic, being able to use items much more effectively than any other jobs is his strong point.
風水師 Geomancer M Attacks the enemy by ringing a bell. Using the ability "Terrain", he can be supported by the battleground he fights on and can make use of various random, nature based attacks.



Water Crystal:


Japanese English Type Description
竜騎士 Dragoon W A spear user who has an advantage against airborne enemies. With his "Jump" ability, he can jump high into the air and after one turn, he crashes down, charging into his enemy. During the turn where he jumps into the air, he is invulnerable.
バイキング Viking W A power fighter who can wield axes and hammers. Using "Provoke", he can make enemies turn their attacks on him. Amongst the warrior type jobs, he develops the slowest.
魔剣士 Dark Knight W Wears dark armor and makes use of dark, negative energy. Just like the Knight, the Dark Knight has high attack power and his strength really shows when equipped with a "Dark Sword". Using "Darkness", he can attack multiple enemies at the expense of his own HP.
幻術師 Evoker M Summoning random creatures to fight, each of them are either of the light or dark type.
吟遊詩人 Bard M Fights enemies by playing a harp. Making use of the "Sing" ability, the Bard has many songs that provide various effects. He acts as a support for the party and can also attack the enemy. The effects of the songs change depending on the harp equipped.



Earth Crystal:


Japanese English Type Description
空手家 Martial Artist W A professional in close range combat who has a higher attack power than the Monk. After using his "Save" ability, his normal attacks inflict more damage than usual. The "Save" ability can be stacked but overusing it will cause damage to yourself.
導師 Devout M A job that can make use of the strongest White Magic spells. With a large amount of MP, the Devout can cast high level White Magic many times.
魔人 Magus M As opposed to the Devout, the Magus is a master of Black Magic. He has a large amount of MP allowing him to make use of high level Black Magic spells many times. The Magus can also equip hammers and daggers.
魔界幻士 Summoner M Having more MP than the Evoker, the Summoner can summon many creatures that are either of the dark or light side. Each of them have different powerful attacks that can damage all enemies.
賢者 Sage M The Sage can use all summons, and Black/White magic. Although he/she has a fairly high amount of MP, he/she is still inferior to the Magus and Devout.
忍者 Ninja W Out of all the jobs, the Ninja has the fastest attacks and has the highest average skill. When equipped with items such as Shurikens, the Ninja can make use of the "Throw" ability to inflict damage. This, however, means he/she will lose his/her equipped weapon.



Mognet Letter Event (message 8 times with friends and Topapa through Wifi to unlock):


Japanese English Type Description
たまねぎ剣士 Onion Knight W/M The Onion Knight can use all weapons and armors and can cast both white and black magic except summons. Not very strong initially, it starts gaining huge boosts in all stats towards the later levels, reaching the max in all stats at level 99. Special equipment can be gathered (the Onion equipment) to turn this job into an ultimate killing machine, as these pieces of equipment are the most powerful items in the game which are paired up only by the ultimate weapons.


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