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Dragon's Mountain

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Dragon's Mountain



Items to find in this section:



Japanese Name English Name Amount
きんのはり Golden Needle x 1
フェニックスのお Phoenix Down x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
エアロ Aero x 1
ミニマム Mini x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
ファイアフライ Fire Fly Dragon's Mountain
ダイブイーグル Dive Eagle Dragon's Mountain
ラストバード Last Bird Dragon's Mountain
ルフ Loof Dragon's Mountain




Exploring the Mountain:


-- Enter the Dragon's Mountain, east of Canaan --

-- This mountain is a pretty linear path, with three chests strewn about --

-- First, after entering, follow the path until it starts going to the right --

-- When you reach a crossroads here, take the path leading down --

-- It will lead to a chest here on a ledge --

-- Treasure Chest = Phoenix Down --

-- Head back up the path and take the path leading up --

-- You will come to another crossroads; take the right path --

-- Follow this path all the way to another chest --

-- Treasure Chest = 'Aero' White Magic spell --

-- Now, return back to the crossroads and continue left to another chest --

-- Treasure Chest = Golden Needle --

-- Now, from this chest, take the path up until a scene starts --


-- You hear a roar and your party looks up above --

-- You see a dragon there and try to run away from it --

-- The dragon apparantly takes you and drops you off on the top of the mountain --

-- Here, you can speak with three of the dragon's babies --


Dragon Baby





Speaking with Desh:


-- To continue the story, speak to the man in the northwestern corner --



Hahaha! What a show!

You are all pretty dumb!

That dragon sure did kidnap the lot of ya!



You're in no place to laugh.

Weren't you kidnapped by the dragon as well?



Oh, yeah, I guess you're right!

Hahahahahaha! My name's Desh.


-- The dragon roars again and everyone looks up at it --



Whoa! The dragon's back! Let's hide!!


-- Arc and Refia run away while Ingus and Luneth prepare to fight the dragon --


Desh -- speaking to Luneth and Ingus --

Are you idiots going to fight that thing!?

You have no chance of winning!


-- Everyone starts running away --



You better run! Run, run, run!!


-- The dragon attacks your party --

-- The dragon attacks twice a round and will immediately kill an ally --

-- You cannot win this battle so heed Desh's advice and RUN --

-- After running, the party groups up --



Whew! That was close.

Running away was the only safe decision.

Hey, you mind taking this?

It's a very unusual spell called 'Mini'.

I bought it but can't use it.

In exchange, could I come with you on your journey?

Actually, I've lost my memory...

I can't remember anything save my name.



I don't really care but...

You okay with it? -- looks at Refia --



Huh!? Why are you asking me!? -- looks at Desh --

Hey, you! You made Salina cry!!



I see... But I have something I must do.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what it is...

But I'll remember it soon enough!

I've got such dependable friends after all!!


-- You received 'Mini' from Desh! --

-- Desh joined the party! --



Well, let's jump offa here before that dragon

comes after us again! Here we go!!


-- Desh jumps off of the mountain --

-- You apparantly follow him as well --

-- You appear on the World Map, south of the mountain, on another land mass --

-- You are unable to return to Canaan or any of the places you have been right now --

-- So, let's move on with the next part of the game: Tozas --


Previous: Canaan -- Next: Tozas


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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