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Cid's Airship

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Cid's Airship



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
ゴブリン Goblin World Map around Ur
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Kazus, Sassoon Castle




Speaking to Refia:


-- Enter the desert west of Kazus --

-- You will automatically enter Cid's Airship --

-- Talk to the girl standing in front of the steering wheel --


-- The girl stretches, turns around, and is startled to see you standing there --



Aaaah! ...Who are you...!?



Who are YOU!? Cid lent us this airship!


-- Go to the Naming Screen --


レフィア - Refia


A young girl who was raised by the Kazus blacksmith, Taka.

Because he is a very strict teacher,

she shows reluctance to learn and has runaway from home recently.



My name is Refia.

The blacksmith in Kazus made many parts of this airship!



Could YOU be the blacksmith's daughter!?

Hey, hurry up and make the Mythril Ring!



We need it to undo the curse on Kazus!


Refia -- while looking down --


I'm sorry.

I haven't been training very hard, so I can't...



If Cid hears that, he'll really be disappointed.

This isn't the time to be slacking off, y'know!



I know!

Long ago, my father made a ring and gave it to the King of Sassoon.

Hey, let me come with you.

I can't make the Mythril Ring, but...

I want to help my father and the people of Kazus!



Let's take her with us, Luneth!



Well, aren't you lucky you didn't get cursed

'cause you were slacking off.



Stop it already...!


Refia joined the party!


-- Examine the airship steering wheel --



Here we go!


-- Airship takes off --






-- Some town members in Ur have changed what they say after recruiting Refia --


Man in blue vest / East of western exit

Anything happened yet with the trouble at Kazus?


-- Go inside the Inn, then into the Bar area at the back --


Man with orange mohawk / West table

It's too much of a hassle to go back to Canaan now...


-- Go inside Topapa's House and talk with Nina --


Nina (Woman in blue dress / West of the door)

I'm very worried about you.

Please be careful.


-- Also, you can see a scene if you enter Kazus --



I'll wait here.

I don't think I can see my father right now...


Refia left the party.


-- When leaving Kazus: --



Welcome back! Okay, let's go!


Refia joined the party!


-- And that is all you can do now, so head on over to Sassoon Castle to continue the game --


Previous: Kazus -- Next: Sassoon Castle


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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