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Main Characters:


Japanese English Description
ルーネス Luneth An orphan boy raised by his adopted father, Topapa, the elder of Ur village. A curious, optimistic boy that shows his power when being supported by others.
アルクゥ Arc Luneth's childhood friend, Arc was also brought up by the village elder Topapa. A pessimistic boy, he is unable to show courage and is a bit of a coward. He likes studying more than playing and everyone recognizes his knowledge.
レフィア Refia A confident and beautiful woman, she is kind at heart. She was brought up by the Kazus' village blacksmith, Taka. Bright and active, she positively advises others and this causes her to butt heads with Luneth frequently.
イングズ Ingus A capable soldier who swears allegiance to the king of Sassoon. The incident that befell Sassoon Castle was caused while he was away, so he did not fall under Jinn's curse. He is the calmest of the four, and he plays a big-brother like role.



Supporting Characters:


Japanese English Support Skills
サラ・アルテニー Princess Sara Altney Cure, Aero
シド・ヘイズ Cid Haze Fire, Hammer Attack
デッシュ Desh Sword Attack, Thundara
エリア・ベネット Eria Benett Cura, Protect
アルス・レストー Prince Alus Restor Confuse, Aero, Boomerang
ドーガ Doga Flare
ウネ Une Holy, Haste



Other Characters:


Japanese English Description
トパパ Topapa The elder of Ur village; foster father to Luneth and Arc
ニーナ Nina Foster mother to Luneth and Arc
ギガメス Gigames





Japanese English Description
ザンデ Zande
暗闇の雲 Cloud of Darkness
ジン Jin
グツコー Guzco
メデューサ Medusa
クラーケン Kraken
ハイン Hyne
ゴールドル Goldor

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