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The Village of Canaan



Items to find in this section:



Japanese Name English Name Amount
ポーション Potion x 1
きんのはり Golden Needle x 2
うちでのこづち Luck Mallet x 1
フェニックスのお Phoenix Down x 3
エリクサー Elixer x 1
こびとのパン Dwarven Bread x 2
2000ギル 2000 Gil x 2




Japanese Name English Name Amount
グレートボウ Great Bow x 1
てつのや Iron Arrows x 20




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ブライン Blind x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Canaan
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Canaan
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Canaan
バシリスク Basilisk World Map around Canaan
バグベアー Bugbear World Map around Canaan
マンドレイク Mandrake World Map around Canaan




Exploring the village of Canaan:


-- Upon entering Canaan, a scene starts: --



Thanks. If I can do anything for you, just ask.

Oh yeah! If I make another airship,

it might be useful for you guys.

I'll go meet the King of Argus!

He knows the many secrets of airships.

You sure have helped me.

Come visit me anytime!


-- Cid left the party. --


-- Now, let's explore the town and talk to townspeople --


Man in blue vest (right of town entrance)

In the middle of the southern forest,

I heard there was a dwarven village.


Man in orange vest (left of entrance)

Long ago, a traveling magician hid some sort of

magical healing item in this town somewhere.


Old man in orange robe (north of the Inn)

If you use the spell 'Mini', you can become a dwarf.

But I already sold the spell to a young

traveling man named Desh.


Woman in red dress (north of Armor shop)

Desh came to this town out of nowhere.

But it seems like he left and went somewhere else...


Girl in pink dress (south of Magic shop)

Tee hee hee!

I'll dance for you~! -- Dances --


Woman in blue dress (west of Magic shop)

'Aero' is a White Magic spell that commands

the power of the wind to injure your foes.

It's very effective on flying enemies.


-- After exploring the town, head to the northern area of the village --

-- You should be able to enter into the small lake at the north --

-- Enter here and follow the small river all the way down south of the village --

-- You will find a chest here --

-- Treasure Chest = Elixer --

-- Take the item and proceed to the various houses in the village --


-- Enter the Inn --



Welcome! That'll be 40 gil a night.


-- Item Shop --



-- Enter the house north of the Inn to find a Resurrection Spring --


-- Armor Shop --



-- Weapon Shop --



-- Magic Shop --



-- Enter the house in the very northwestern part of town; this is Cid's house --



My old lady got sick while I was gone...

Don't give up, woman!

Oh, if only we had the magical item Elixer...


Cid's Wife (woman in bed)

Cough! Cough! -- give her the 'Elixer' --

Aaah! What did you just do?

You sure did something...

Me and the old man are both in your debt.

Thanks so much.



Thanks! This is the second time you've all helped me...

You'll all definitely become great people...



What are you saying...?

We've only been together for one or two days.


Cid -- zooms in on lamp behind him --

Oh, that's right! Touch the lamp on this wall here.

There was a cave here which used to store my airship.

There might be something there that you can use.


-- Talk to Cid and his wife again --


Cid (again)

Good luck on your travels!


Cid's Wife (again)

Be careful everyone!


-- Now, touch the lamp that Cid pointed out to you --

-- A secret passage will open up to the left of you --

-- Proceed down this path and down the stairs to a room with many chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (far upper left) = Potion --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (to the right of #1) = Great Bow --

-- Treasure Chest 3 (to the left of #4) = Iron Arrows x 20 --

-- Treasure Chest 4 (far upper right) = 'Blind' Black Magic spell --

-- Treasure Chest 5 (far lower left) = Dwarven Bread --

-- Treasure Chest 6 (to the right of #5) = Dwarven Bread --

-- Treasure Chest 7 (to the left of #8) = Golden Needle --

-- Treasure Chest 8 (far lower right) = Phoenix Down --

-- Continue down the small stairs on the left and go right in the water --

-- Proceed up the stairs here and through a hidden wall on the right --

-- You will see four more chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (upper left) = Phoenix Down --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (upper right) = Phoenix Down --

-- Treasure Chest 3 (lower left) = 2000 gil --

-- Treasure Chest 4 (lower right) = 2000 gil --

-- After getting all these items, proceed to the house next to the Inn --

-- Enter the house and you can find two more items --

-- Behind the woman walking, zoom in and you can find an item --

-- Item = Luck Mallet --

-- Continue to the left through the wall and head down --

-- You will appear behind the sleeping girl --

-- Zoom in and find another item here as well --

-- Item = Golden Needle --

-- Now, speak with the woman --




Speaking with Salina:



I bet Desh has already left.

My daughter is madly in love with him.

He left on his travels 'cause he said

that he had something he had to do.

Now, Salina won't stop crying.


-- Speak to the girl in the bed to continue the story --



*weep* *weep* Oh, Desh...

Why did you have to leave...?

He left me and went to the Dragon's Mountain in the east...

I feel so bad that I might die...



What should we do?

Should we go to the Dragon's Mountain?



Yeah, let's check it out!


-- Speaking to Salina again gets the same response --

-- Well, that's it for Canaan --

-- Proceed to the Dragon's Mountain to see what can be done about Desh --


Previous: Breaking the Boulder -- Next: Dragon's Mountain


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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