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Breaking the Boulder

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Breaking the Boulder



Items to find in this section:




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ミスリルソード Mythril Sword x 2



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
キラービー Killer Bee World Map around Kazus
ウェアウルフ Werewolf World Map around Kazus
バーサーカー Berserker World Map around Kazus
マミー Mummy Mythril Mine
スケルトン Skeleton Mythril Mine
のろいのどうか Cursed Coin Mythril Mine
ラルウアイ Eye Tornado Mythril Mine
シャドウ Shadow Mythril Mine
レブナント Revenant Mythril Mine




Speaking to Refia:


-- Upon riding the airship, a scene occurs: --



You're late!


Luneth -- surprised --

Refia!? Why are you...

Will it be okay?



I gotta keep my promise with the Crystal!

And I don't wanna be a blacksmith!

Taka raised me even though I'm an orphan,

but this and that are different matters.



What!? You're an orphan too?



What!? ...You too?



Me too!



Wait a sec... So am I...



So you're telling me the Crystal

gathered us four orphans together?



Ho ho... Your journey looks to be getting harder.

Now, let's charge into that boulder!




Exploring the Mythril Mine:


-- Before going to take out the rocks, we have one small thing to do in Kazus --

-- You can talk to Taka and he says something different now --



Refia, she's doing good right?

She better come back safe!


-- Now, go behind Taka's house into the cave in the back --

-- This is the Mythril Mine where we can find some items --

-- Upon entering the cave, head to the right and then up --

-- After seeing the mine cart, head left to a dead end --

-- Zoom in, and you will see a sparkle on the top left post in the back --

-- Touching this opens up a small passage on the left --

-- Continue through here and down to the next level --


-- On this level, head down and left a bit before continuing up --

-- Go up a ways until you find two chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (left) = Mythril Sword --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (right) = Mythril Sword --

-- That's it for this little area --

-- Go back onto the airship and get ready to clear the way --




Blowing up the Boulders:


-- When you reach the boulders with the airship, a scene starts --

-- The boulders explode, along with your airship! --

-- Luneth stands up in a field --





-- You are now on the World Map --

-- Push 'Y' to see another scene with Cid --



-- Cid is seen with Luneth and Arc --



Oww... We overdid that a little...

You've all got quite the guts.



Hmm, I just had a strange feeling...

Like, like I've experienced that before.



How could you?

You've never ridden on an airship before now!


-- After the conversation, continue south to the town of Canaan --

-- You CAN go to the Dragon's Mountain east of the town, but you can't do anything --


Previous: Return to Kazus -- Next: Canaan


Credits: xcomp, Josh

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