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Altar Cave

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Final Fantasy III


-- Start the game, and choose from the menu --


  • New Game
  • Load Game
  • Wifi


-- Seeing as this is a new game, go ahead and click on that --

-- The 'Prologue' below is what is shown on the screen while selecting from the above menu --






The Gurgan boy spoke quietly...


The big earthquake is no mere sign of what is to come.

The crystal which brings forth the world's light,

Nestled deep in the earth,

Even the trembles that give birth to monsters.

Compared to the things that will come,

These are all insignificant.

This is incredibly big, deep, dark,

and sad...

But hope is not yet lost.

The four spirits will reveal the light.

Now it all begins ---


Altar Cave



Items to find in this section:




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ポーション Potion x 3
なんきょくのかぜ Antarctic Wind x 2




Japanese Name English Name Amount
ロングソード Long Sword x 3
ブロンズナックル Bronze Knuckle x 1




Japanese Name English Name Amount
かわのたて Leather Shield x 1
かわのぼうし Leather Hat x 1
どうのうでわ Copper Bracelet x 2




Japanese Name English Name Amount
スリプル 'Sleep' Black Magic spell x 1



Monsters to fight in this section:


Japanese Name English Name Location
ゴブリン Goblin Altar Cave
カーバンクル Carbunkle Altar Cave
アイファング Eye Fang Altar Cave
ブルーウィスプ Blue Wisp Altar Cave




Exploring Altar Cave:


-- A young boy falls through a hole --



Aww crap.

Was the hole really that wide?


-- Go to the Naming Screen --


ルーネス - Luneth


In the remote village of Ur, an orphan boy raised by the elder Topapa and Nina.

With vigourous curiosity, he left the village to play

and fell down a hole created by a big earthquake into a cave.


-- While walking around, a monster attacks --

-- Luneth defeats three Goblins --



Wh-What was that monster?

Aww crap.

I sure did come to a terrible place.


-- Treasure Chest 1 (Left) = Leather Shield --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (Right) = Potion --

-- Luneth sees a boulder --




That rock seems strange.


-- Approach the rock to lower the wall right of it --

-- Treasure Chest 3 = Long Sword --

-- Go upstairs --

-- Go left to Treasure Chest 4 = Antarctic Wind --

-- Go right to Treasure Chest 5 = Potion --

-- Go up to Treasure Chest 6 = Potion --

-- Continue right to Treasure Chest 7 = Antarctic Wind --

-- Continue right to find a spring --



A spring...

What a strange color...


-- Examine the spring to have all your HP and MP restored --

-- Go left from the spring and go upstairs --

-- Go up and you find yourself surrounded by many purple orbs --



Wh-What is this!?


-- Something evil attacked Luneth --

-- BOSS BATTLE: Land Turtle --

-- After defeating the Land Turtle, you hear a voice --



You have been chosen.



Who is that? Is someone there?



One called from the darkness,

You have been chosen because you have hope.


-- Luneth walks up the steps and sees a floating crystal --



Is the crystal... speaking?



As we speak, the world is being enshrouded in darkness.

The light is dying out.

The balance between the two is collapsing.



Wh-What are you saying?



There are others who share the same destiny as you.

First, find these people.

When you find them,

I'll give you the last of my light, a revelation of hope.

Now, go forth...!


-- Screen goes white --



Aah!? W-Wait a minute!

I still want to ask some things!


-- Luneth is teleported to a field --



... ...


This place!

What just happened...?

What was it...

Light and dark and hope...


-- You wake up on the World Map --






-- You can go back into Altar Cave to gather more items and raise some levels --

-- From the entrance, head down into the right passageway --

-- Go through the secret wall into a room with two treasure chests --

-- Treasure Chest 1 (Left) = Leather Hat --

-- Treasure Chest 2 (Right) = Copper Bracelet --

-- Go back left and head downstairs --

-- From the next level, head left until you reach a big room --

-- There are many chests here. Going counter-clockwise from the passageway: --

-- Treasure Chest 3 = Long Sword --

-- Treasure Chest 4 = Copper Bracelet --

-- Treasure Chest 5 = Sleep (Black Magic Spell Lv. 1) --

-- Treasure Chest 6 = Long Sword --

-- Treasure Chest 7 = Bronze Knuckle --

-- You can exit, as there is no more treasure now --

-- If you continue through the hole in the middle of the room, you find yourself where you started the game --

-- Continue through the cave until the Crystal room --

-- Go behind the Crystal to a purple warp circle that will warp you out of the cave to the World Map --


-- You are now free to roam the World Map (as much of it as you can) --

-- South of Altar Cave, you need to go to Ur to continue the game --

-- If you don't, you can continue to Kazus and talk with the people there, though nothing will happen --

-- If you enter the cave in the back of Kazus (Mythril Mine), YOU WILL DIE (the monsters are too strong) --

-- Continue to the west to find some boulders that block your way --

-- If you search them, Luneth says: --



I'm not able to get through here...


-- Continue even more west to find Sassoon Castle --

-- Entering here, a guard is blocking the gate. He says: --



The people here in the castle have been cursed by Jinn's spell.

If we had the Mythril Ring, we could dissolve the spell, but Kazus is in the same condition as we are...

I was away when this happened. I want to help, but what in the world can I do...


-- And that is all you can do right now, so head on back to Ur and continue the game --




Next: Ur




Credits: xcomp, Josh

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